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Comments on this photo:

Nov 17 2007 14:33 GMT paparazziboy
no man Nukenobody here, peace, ofcourse noone wants to see porn onhere, But there are many nasty things related to that, violence is very bad, porn is sometimes sick, But you are free to nuke yourself here..and don't forget to set the timer..
Nov 17 2007 14:35 GMT paparazziboy
..Stay save and enjoy life man..
Nov 17 2007 14:36 GMT chrissysbabyboy
porn is SOMETIMES SICK?????????????????????????????? PORN IS SICK never mind sometimes and so are the idiots that post it or comment on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 17 2007 14:39 GMT Poulet PRO
Agree! :)))))
Nov 17 2007 14:41 GMT chrissysbabyboy
yay thanks mate :))))))))))))
Nov 17 2007 14:46 GMT megmet PRO
I agree Risky porn is sick.
While I would like to see it totally banned on here I don't want all nudes banned, that would mean the loss of some very tasteful and artistic nudes too.
Though porn is hard to define, we all know it when we see it and it should be "nuked".
Nov 17 2007 14:56 GMT chrissysbabyboy
Yes it is sick megmet but it is my personal opinion is if they let kids on this site there shouldnt be nudes allowed,it should be one or the other,it could ruin a kid for life lol
OMG i can remember the first time i caught my mum naked eeeeewwwwwww ive never been the same since lmao
Nov 17 2007 15:06 GMT paparazziboy
Yeah it don't belong here, It would be nice if pictures with porn contents could be nuked automaticly, I think none of those pictures contain technical details init, because most of them are borrowed or stolen from p-sites, but I enjoy artistic nudes as seen on fotothing a lot, some people(girls) know how to make artistic nude pictures in a brilliant way..it's a girls thing, woman and girls know MagiK, they come from VenuZ
Nov 17 2007 15:13 GMT chrissysbabyboy
but is it right that nudity is here for kids to see? I believe kids should keep their innocents for as long as possible mine was taken away at a very early age due to child abuse
Nov 17 2007 15:16 GMT aztecXsea
yeah porn's wrong,
and MY OPPINION, is that tastefull nudes are the same.....
ok yeah they are tastefull and reveal not as much as porn.... but would you like your daughter or son to that matter to see a naked lady?
i no i wouldn't
Nov 17 2007 15:23 GMT LizSA
I also have a opninion about nude...
some of the girls have a great body... but I find people like to play with sexuality...
and there is a difference.... so I would agree, nude is nude....!!
Keep FT clean...
Nov 17 2007 15:24 GMT aztecXsea
Thankyou LizSA
Nov 17 2007 15:26 GMT paparazziboy
..I feel very sorry for you man, There is nothing as bad as Childabuse, how can anyone hurt a child...that really hurts..
Nov 17 2007 15:27 GMT chrissysbabyboy
thanks LizSA its all a matter of opinion and who's to say who's right,in my opinion nudity is between two people and what you do behind closed doors it should be kept personal not put on a site like this that allows children,it should be nudity or kids not both
Nov 17 2007 15:34 GMT chrissysbabyboy
exactly thanks mate but thats why im against this kind of thing,some people granted not all dont know how far to take things,i had nudity forced on me from a very young age
along with gross sex acts,if they get turned on by nudity who knows what they will do when they get frustrated,if they dont have a partner it can easily turn into child abuse or rape,there are alot of sick people out there in this big bad world
Nov 17 2007 15:39 GMT paparazziboy
Common tasteful nudes are like you just named them, porn is something else, it don't belong here, but somehow noone is able to keep them away from here, also I think there is a constant attack of Pornpictures on fotothing..it's huge, but the internet is full of crap and porn , violence and noncense, I think that is work for Police and fotothingpolice..lawyers to wipe and keep it clean..for us..But Internet is the best invention we humans are able to share..and we have fotothing..fotothing Rocks!..soo many people online, so many nice and intelligent people sharing their thoughts feelings and pictures..
Nov 17 2007 16:16 GMT LisaSam67
Nov 17 2007 16:19 GMT chrissysbabyboy
lmao :))))))))))))
Nov 17 2007 22:25 GMT chrissysbabyboy
Thanks Magenta,i dont have a problem so much with artistic nudes,just i dont want to see it lol But most people on here just post nudes like some i saw earlier just a woman standing there bareing all for the world to see,im sorry but to me thats not artistic,but there again to the one that posted it it probably is,my point is should nudes be seen on a site that clearly allows young children to join? I have a young daughter granted she is too young to join as she isnt old enough to actually hold or work a camera lol But i know for sure i wouldnt want her seeing naked bodies on this site or anyother site,im sure that the people that made this site could come up with something that younger members cant get into so that people like yourself can post artistic nude pics
Btw im not offended and thanks for your comment its very much appreciated :)
Nov 17 2007 22:59 GMT chrissysbabyboy
well i will always listen to both sides as i do understand that people have different opinions which is a good thing else this crazy world would be one boring one lol Ive looked through your pics well your last few uploads and yes i would say your work is artistics,its not just blatant bare chested stuff if you understand what i mean thats the kinda stuff i wouldnt like my child to see lol

You have a great day too :)
Nov 17 2007 23:08 GMT chrissysbabyboy
lol i totally agree and i understand you too

you take care too

Nov 30 2007 09:07 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
I have no problem with artistic but there is a very fune line between the good, the bad & Uggghhh, the ugly!! I think context matters alot too & sometimes you can just tell what the context of an image is right away. If I can then the FT moderators can too so Ithink they should clean up their act & delete the whole account of people who post outright porn! Have a good one.