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auschwitz birkenau poland concentration camp holocaust censorship


The ugliest choice: to try to deter freedom!

With the risk of having this (and my account) canceled, this is how the story goes:

Earlier today I left a comment on the last challenge results: I called them a wonderful new collection of insipid snapshots and I asked to know who "challenge" is and if there is a so-called "jury" to decide who wins.
I also expressed my curiousity as to know if the "jury" even owns a camera or has anything (even remotely) to do with photography in general.

Well, my opinion hurt some feelings some place as the comment got deleted almost immediately. I would love to see such speed of reaction when it comes to people complaining about the absence of basic services on FT -- wouldn't that be nice?

Oh, I also got a message from this "challenge" person telling me my comment was insulting to the winners. Well, I'd say it was insulting to the "jury" -- at least this is who it was aimed at. I was also told (threatened?) not to make this a public thing and to "comment" through private messages.

Yeah, right! Censorship belongs to past ages. You can cancel my account, but you can't close my mouth!

I don't expect any support from anybody, but I won't accept to live in a mental concentration camp either!
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 09 2007 12:31 GMT Nespolo
I'm with you and really interested to know a bit more about the "ones" that we "pay" on FT !!!

FT is going...different... and I think it's time to explain a bit more about who is the judge of the challenge...at least for transparency.
Feb 09 2007 22:17 GMT aquascience
I agree.................suppression is a thing of the past,also not something one would expect on a foto site ?
Feb 10 2007 12:50 GMT botticcelli
your Art is fantastic..and they a inspiration for others even...i am agree..i supposse "money" maybe gets an account..with some privilegies but it can't to close Evidence of the things. Great Pic and really ugliest Choice.
Feb 12 2007 19:54 GMT tadieubone PRO
i'm with you too :Censorship belongs to past ages!!
Feb 13 2007 19:57 GMT Tavascarow
I admire you for your stance & hope it doesn't result in your suspension.
I can't comment on the challenge judging as I don't get involved in the competitive side of FT.
All I can say is 'it wasn't me' which is my usual answer when a woman gets up steam.
Feb 14 2007 14:31 GMT choices
Thank you, Nespy!
Feb 14 2007 14:32 GMT choices
Thank you for your support, AquaScience! Some things are... unexplainable, I think :)
Feb 14 2007 14:32 GMT choices
Thank you for supporting me, Mr. B! You're a real friend!
Feb 14 2007 14:33 GMT choices
Tad, thank you so much for being on my side here! A friend in need is a friend indeed, right? :))
Muchas gracias, mi amigo!
Feb 14 2007 14:34 GMT choices
Thank you for your words, Mr. Tavascarow! Don't be worried, I'm one tough dragon lady -- cut off my head and I'll have two new ones growing instead :))
Feb 21 2007 22:48 GMT Grimacher PRO
I'm behind you too! A bit late in the day mind you (story of my life!) I also agree with your sentiment in the first instance! Glad to see that you are still here though :))

Do we get to see a photo of you with 2 heads then?
Feb 21 2007 23:41 GMT choices
Apparently they're not as mean after all, Grim! Thank you for your support, but I can't repay it with a photo with my two heads... You know how much I hate shooting selves :))