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Its my 3 years on fotothing anniversary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. Its very unpolite to ask but anyway If you want to give me a present you could make one (why not more) of my pictures your favorite ;) ;) ;)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 12 2008 14:54 GMT montello
Jan 12 2008 14:55 GMT nimbus
:) of cource!!!
Jan 12 2008 14:56 GMT ivonarulles
WOW very good shoot:)
Jan 12 2008 15:08 GMT Metronomad
cool.. congratulations for your three years...
Jan 12 2008 15:11 GMT dreamowl
it's an happy time...
Jan 12 2008 15:11 GMT bennystr
Happy anniversary my friend, many happy returns!
Jan 12 2008 15:13 GMT Tom33
a leap into the future - happy anniversary
Jan 12 2008 15:17 GMT hans55 PRO
congrats dear charlotte ... looking forward to more uploads from you !!
Jan 12 2008 15:19 GMT abojovna PRO
Congratulations, dear Charlotte! You are very welcome!
INCREDIBLE photo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish to your young jumper many happy gumps in New Year 2008 ! :-)
Jan 12 2008 15:22 GMT charlotte
thank you dear friend!
Jan 12 2008 15:23 GMT Felixthecat
Gefeleciteerd ... omdat je het zo mooi vraagt ;)
maar ook omdat het een mooie foto is ... fav :)
Jan 12 2008 15:29 GMT peterpinhole
I wish you a happy third year anniversary here and as you asked I'm going to gladly fave this fantastic gravity defying capture! Looking forward to your fourth year uploads:))
Have a great weekend!
Jan 12 2008 15:41 GMT d66fce
Cool picture! Congratulations!
Jan 12 2008 16:15 GMT Firecrest
Congratilations, i do It !!!!
Jan 12 2008 16:26 GMT marijke06
jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump
Jan 12 2008 17:04 GMT slobodan
great Charlotte
Jan 12 2008 17:09 GMT Snappa
Jan 12 2008 17:37 GMT gafaway
happy to : ) and congratulations !
Jan 12 2008 18:04 GMT ashdad PRO
Congrat! And great M silhoette.
Jan 12 2008 18:25 GMT Lensvision
Jan 12 2008 18:41 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Many congratulations on your third FT birthday!
Jan 12 2008 20:47 GMT monica
Jan 12 2008 22:27 GMT Flier
congrats!!! :o)
Jan 12 2008 22:44 GMT Midworlder PRO
Three years .. wowww ... thanks for the great photos ... have a chocolate fish as your present
Jan 13 2008 01:03 GMT robe
Jan 13 2008 01:20 GMT teddybear2
love the jumping
Jan 13 2008 10:34 GMT eclcris
wow, great!!!
Jan 13 2008 11:38 GMT KiX
Great shot! :)
Jan 13 2008 11:49 GMT womanwithacamera
Congratulations - you are now 3!
Nice action shot!
Jan 13 2008 11:57 GMT sweetjane
Jan 13 2008 13:37 GMT senna3
Congratulations Charlotte and a perfect photo of your famous model to celebrate this anniversary!
Jan 13 2008 14:36 GMT SunnyRea
Happy Anniversary.....Great shot adding to my favs :)))
Jan 13 2008 14:40 GMT fotomom
happy anniversary !!! Did you learn to levitate her in FT ??? hahah great pic ,I will happily give you a present :)))
Jan 13 2008 15:16 GMT Cronos1
Happy anniversary, dear friend ! (you do one jump/year ?)
Jan 13 2008 16:15 GMT soldier
Really stunning composition!
Jan 13 2008 17:10 GMT Minz PRO
Great capture !
Jan 13 2008 18:15 GMT vladofly
Happy anniversary !
Jan 13 2008 20:20 GMT mariolina
magic capture...as always!!! Happy anniversary!!!
Jan 13 2008 20:54 GMT charlotte
Er was eens een cowboy die heette Jan pipeloi. En hij had een heel spannend avontuur beleefd. Alleen zijn vrienden geloofde het niet. Welkom terug bij de postlotterij.
Ok, je hebt uiteindelijk een escape gekozen. je had het goed gegokt. niet heel onbelnagrijkt
Jan 13 2008 21:03 GMT Sterretje
:o) beautiful and happy anniversary !!! :o)
Jan 13 2008 21:19 GMT Dorado
este chico es imparable, realmente
Jan 13 2008 21:46 GMT AllanOlsson
A very good capture and what an action!
And congrats for your tree years here hoping there will be many more!
Jan 13 2008 21:55 GMT Pam
Great photo! and Happy Fotothingbirthday................ ;o)
Jan 14 2008 03:09 GMT pokerlady826
love it! Happy Anniversary :)
Jan 14 2008 09:35 GMT Squirrel PRO
SUPERB SHOT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Jan 14 2008 09:44 GMT creactivist
Jan 14 2008 11:43 GMT yvon
gefeliciteerd en nog VELE jaren!
Jan 14 2008 12:17 GMT linnywv PRO
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Beautiful Shot!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 14 2008 13:34 GMT kella
congratulationes...great photo!!!!!
Jan 14 2008 14:37 GMT SIGMUND
fantastic pic!!!!!!!!!
Jan 14 2008 15:15 GMT pp11364
Great shot.
Jan 14 2008 16:22 GMT Jawis
Aaaah! That's a great photo!
Jan 14 2008 17:03 GMT LisaSam67
congrats on 3 years!!!! great pic!!
Jan 14 2008 19:48 GMT jomoud PRO
During that time I have enjoyed your photos for 2 1/2 years, especially your stunning shots taken in Croatia area. Up to the next 3 years:)
Perhaps I get the chance to congratulate you in person this coming April during my visit to Holland, which almost certainly will include Amsterdam:):)
Jan 14 2008 19:59 GMT sini
Congrats! Great shot!:)
Jan 14 2008 20:24 GMT oneiro
i can see tha magic of the moment!!!
Jan 14 2008 20:31 GMT ander
Congrats --and added as my favorite
Jan 14 2008 20:32 GMT pauli3522
Jan 14 2008 20:36 GMT svein
Fantastic captured ! Freedom...!
Jan 14 2008 20:59 GMT LizSA
beautiful.... I just love these jumping shadow photo's of yours... Unique.. :-)))

Happy Anniversary Charlotte.. :-)
Jan 14 2008 21:00 GMT Maurabia
happy 3 years,
at least 10 x 3 , ok ??
Jan 14 2008 21:05 GMT Pea2007
Happy anniversary and well done
Jan 15 2008 11:38 GMT Imandra
happy anniversary!!
great shot! add to ma favorites!
Jan 15 2008 13:35 GMT eleni78 PRO
Jan 15 2008 14:26 GMT Daing
Happy anniversary and many happy return!
Jan 15 2008 22:28 GMT gwen83
Erg leuk voor je, en dit is een prachtige foto:)))
Jan 16 2008 07:03 GMT Vanhakuhju
Good shot !
Jan 16 2008 10:54 GMT Carlimauda
Jan 17 2008 08:53 GMT Olympe1961
This is a superb series full of life and movements !!!! Joyeux anniversaire !!
Jan 17 2008 17:41 GMT Ercsibe
very good!!!!!! :))
Feb 27 2008 18:44 GMT ArlenTavares
um bom salto pra liberdade. boa demais
Mar 06 2008 17:45 GMT Niceguy
WOW - - Great Photo
Apr 19 2008 11:14 GMT lorenzinho
It's funny to see Montello jumping all around :-))
Apr 24 2008 15:43 GMT supersofie
Beautiful! great shot!
May 17 2008 03:45 GMT zespook
super shot!
Oct 01 2008 07:45 GMT whitehead
I like it.
Feb 10 2009 12:11 GMT louiva
WOW Great shot!!1
Mar 18 2009 08:16 GMT eyethroughthelens
LOL, I do like this shot very much.
Apr 09 2009 18:11 GMT felixdakilla
Oct 28 2015 01:06 GMT amordehayzenia
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