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Thanks to everyone who entered Challenge90 "Delicious Food".  Browsing your entries made us more ...

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Thanks to everyone who entered Challenge90 "Delicious Food". Browsing your entries made us more than a little hungry!


Our overall winner this week is ThorBeverley for this simple but striking composition of delicately prepared cakes! Well done ThorBeverley!

The winning picture is displayed above and you can see the original with its comments at the link below:


Second place is awarded to Echo79 for this interesting capture of a cupcake painting in it’s early stages!


In third place is Ratliff71’s adorable photograph of twins clearly enjoying their 1st birthday cake!



We have chosen 6 Honourable Mentions this week. In no particular order:

Super8’s food landscape:

Santaslittlehelper’s devoured appelstroop:

Chenito’s colourful peppers:

Misto100’s strawberries and cream with just a little chocolate:

Misterrie’s food hill:

Tendresse's fruit composition:

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Oct 06 2008 12:26 GMT litz
Oct 06 2008 20:28 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Many thanks to whoever chose my cakes as the winner!

I do remember them tasting quite delicious (but before you ask I haven't got any left!).

I've just looked through all the entries and I'm hungry now!
Oct 07 2008 08:11 GMT Laura1
Oct 07 2008 16:42 GMT younessnasri
Oct 07 2008 23:34 GMT misto100
well done to all the winners. im hungry now! :-)
Oct 09 2008 15:54 GMT mmmao
how do i know if there's a new challenge?
i like the photo btw!
Oct 10 2008 19:25 GMT abojovna PRO
:-) Congratulations to all winners!
Oct 16 2008 08:46 GMT u40
very nice photo!!
Oct 25 2008 01:39 GMT ManiacMom PRO
congrats to all!
Oct 26 2008 21:54 GMT ledita
Oct 28 2008 00:39 GMT arroja
Lovely shot :)
Nov 07 2008 06:11 GMT Jeremi
When is the next fotothing? please someone, if you know tell me, because I have been checking every day for weeks waiting for a new challenge, but nothing...let me know! I love challenges! Have yet to win one!
Nov 17 2008 20:30 GMT pp11364
My best congratulations.
Dec 08 2008 21:19 GMT smuuuf
what's taking so long?
Dec 17 2008 01:42 GMT Milibuh
We are waiting for the next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 22 2008 14:28 GMT smuuuf
someone there?
Dec 23 2008 18:40 GMT colem
congrats to everyone who wins!
Dec 25 2008 12:37 GMT karlbark
Mmmh, those look just yummy!! :-D

-Have a wonderful Christmas! :-)
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Dec 25 2008 14:39 GMT Jeremi
why hasn't there been a challenge for over three months? whats going on? FOTOTHING...are you still there?
Dec 25 2008 20:38 GMT hlaselani
How about some more challenges.......
Jan 05 2009 23:08 GMT megmet PRO
HELLO !!!!!


It's January 2009.....we are still waiting for the next challenge and it's getting.....challenging!!!
Jan 08 2009 07:47 GMT Sheila PRO
Steve and I ran Challenge for over a year unpaid - why on earth are Fotothing employees not able to keep it up? Come on!!
Jan 19 2009 21:20 GMT Dutchess
When is there FINALLY going to be a new challenge?
Mar 14 2009 02:05 GMT Milibuh
Please, we want a new challenge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 19 2009 07:11 GMT iyik
what is the next challenge?
Mar 21 2009 20:06 GMT cleftref PRO
It's getting beyond a joke.
Jun 03 2009 14:28 GMT Daing
Congratulation to all, so what's the next challenge?
Jul 12 2009 10:37 GMT pnew
Wow catch :-)!
Sep 02 2009 13:57 GMT Pinkpitch
Cool :)
Oct 25 2009 15:58 GMT Fotothing1st
Nov 01 2009 17:16 GMT Fotothing1st
is there gonna be another one?
Apr 26 2010 16:35 GMT Pam
Is there ever going to be another challenge? This seems to have been forgotten. The question's been asked here several times, but there hasn't been an answer!
May 28 2010 11:59 GMT wayoman
Fotothing was ran from the island of 'LOST'
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Oct 07 2011 02:41 GMT Lenster PRO
This was three years ago? Are you friggin' kidding me?
Mar 13 2012 23:52 GMT anjonegro
Missing Fotothing's Challenges :'(
Apr 03 2012 22:33 GMT mypictures49
It would be great to have more Photo contests-I hpoe so!
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