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Elurophobia or Ailurophobia (The irrational fear of cats). So those with the above condition, best look away....

Tosca is the 'Don' of the local feline gang. But he's really a good influence by defending the timid ones from the big bullies and sorting out the nasty pieces. More like the 'Robin Hood', of the feline world, than the evil, Don Corleone!

He's chosen a successor. (a young, black and white, 'felix' cat,) now in training as the new Don, As Tosca's getting on now....

Canon A95.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 13 2006 22:26 GMT JotaBoyJon
Great stuff sir! Always good to see another northerner on this site.
Jul 13 2006 22:27 GMT dolors
Jul 14 2006 00:07 GMT capcorse
Whey aye, man! Cheers marra!
Jul 14 2006 06:30 GMT mel123uk
Is that "Tosca" as in Puccini? nice of him to act as local bouncer
Jul 14 2006 07:27 GMT Scarlett PRO
Fantastic is the right word here!! :-)
Jul 14 2006 09:40 GMT capcorse
Mel. This was next door's cat, who decided to adopt us when and move in, when his previous butler and cook moved. Inexplicably, they had given him the feminine name of Tosca - even though he's a ittle tough Jimmy cagney character in the backlanes!.
But that aside it suits him. 'The 'Don' likes that!'
Jul 14 2006 23:13 GMT deanbed
stunning image, piercing eyes!
Jul 30 2006 21:26 GMT Bweha
Beautiful !
Aug 04 2006 06:28 GMT Elise
excellent effect.....well done!
Aug 04 2006 21:26 GMT jceca PRO
awwwwwwwww.. this is great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love these eyes :)
Aug 06 2006 03:31 GMT pp11364
Aug 08 2006 00:55 GMT karlbark
Impressive pic.
Very hypnotic...

-Karl Trausti from Iceland
Aug 12 2006 19:26 GMT abojovna PRO
Aug 22 2006 23:03 GMT Milibuh