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In the vicinity of Steng Cross, near to the roadside is the eerie site of a Gibbet or `stob', as the Northumbrians call them.

Known as Winter's Gibbet, it was from this that the body of a certain William Winter was hung, following his execution at Westgate, Newcastle in 1791. Winter, (a gypsy) had been executed for the murder of an defenceless old woman, called Margaret Crozier.

The old woman ran a small drapery store in the neighbourhood, which led Winter to believe she was wealthy. Winter slit her throat.

Winter's body was returned to the Elsdon area following his execution in accordance with an old custom that murderer's corpses should be displayed near the scene of their crime.

His lifeless body was fed upon by birds, pecking out his eyeballs and feasting on his rotting flesh, insects and maggots would soon infect the corpse and wild animals would come to feed on any Ďmeatí that would fall from the cage.

Eventually all that was left was his bones, the bones would traditionally be buried at the spot of the gibbet, but itís believed that Winterís bones were scattered, and his skull was sent to Newcastle.

For a time the morbid site of Winter's body, drew sightseers from all around, until the stench from the corpse became so bad that people began to avoid using the road that passed that way.

Eventually the corpse was taken down and burried, but was replaced with a carved wooden effigy of Winter, of which only the head now remains.

This gives the gibbet the curious appearance of an incompleted game of hangman.

taken May 28, in its location on the edge of Harwood forest, a remote spot, high in the windsept Northumbrian moors - where's it's always chilly and very eerie!

His ghost has been often reported, lurking around this gibbet in the twilight.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 09 2006 00:20 GMT Phoenix PRO
Amazing story, fantastic shot.
On the Isle of Wight we have a similar story about Mike-a-morey, he was hanged after killing his son in law by burning his house down. Hence 'Burnt house lane'. Mike-a-morey was hanged and put in a Gibbet, he was there for many months and the locals complained about the smell so he was finally taken down and buried in a large mound by the Hare & Hounds pub.. He haunts the lanes around that area and has been seen by many late at night, they all describe him as looking horrid and his face contorted with the look of a hanged man.
Jul 09 2006 00:22 GMT capcorse
Thanks Phoenix! And also for that excellent story - the true tales are always the most chillilng, eh?
Jul 09 2006 00:25 GMT Pondy PRO
Great image fitting a great story!
Jul 09 2006 00:34 GMT Phoenix PRO
Oh yes, I love a good ghost story.
Jul 09 2006 09:15 GMT ganet
Fantastic photo - Everything about it is menacing - I don't imagine the sun ever shines there!!
Jul 09 2006 12:59 GMT amciuam
"see you on the gallows pole...." atrociously beautiful!
Jul 09 2006 13:30 GMT capcorse
It was a gloriously sunny day - very bright, so I had lots of work to do for this photo to get the mood I required!
But your'e right! This is avery disquieting and 'ice-down-the-spine' place.
I detected the atmosphere and menace, even on very sunny day, when I captured this. So on a dark winter night......?
Jul 13 2006 10:58 GMT uwp
Jul 17 2006 16:21 GMT annaschnitfink
Great photo and a story I liked very much. Thanks for telling it!!!
Jul 17 2006 16:54 GMT steeldragonfly
terrific photo for a scary legend, i can feel the ghost lurking...
Aug 18 2006 17:18 GMT Mulder
i love ghost storys, thanks for sharing capcorse
Aug 18 2006 17:38 GMT capcorse
Thanks. You're welcome, Mulder - incidentally, I'm a fan of your UFO investigations (hope Scully liked it too)
Aug 18 2006 22:36 GMT Mulder
haha, just take a look to my aliens:p
Sep 21 2006 23:39 GMT jceca PRO
fantastic archive you have !!!!!!!!!
Jan 17 2007 17:48 GMT AlisonBC
Great story and shot.
Jan 17 2007 21:00 GMT capcorse
Freaky and creepy again, Alison? ;-)
Jan 17 2007 21:22 GMT AlisonBC
haha not this time, I've heard it before ;o)
Apr 19 2007 16:00 GMT ETS2
Interesting story, great photo - a favourite!
Apr 19 2007 17:33 GMT lupion
ummmmmmmmmm que bonita!!!!