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Me, in Northumberland - Taken 11th July 2006, at the Roman wall - built in 122 AD by Emperor Hadrian, to keep out the Picts. The wall used to stretch the full 73 miles.

The bricks behind me, were laid 1900 years ago (probably by my enslaved Celtic ancestors!).

For more info on the wall and Romans in Northumberland:

Canon S2
exposure bias -0.3
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 12 2006 13:42 GMT Scarlett PRO
Fabulous landscape!! Nice to see you!! ,-)
Jul 12 2006 14:03 GMT i1942un
i went to the Hadrins Wall website. i found it most interesting. thank you for sharing.i enjoy your work.
Jul 12 2006 18:15 GMT Phoenix PRO
Good to see you and what a beautiful back drop, wonderful shot.
Jul 13 2006 11:02 GMT Edelweiss1851
I wouldn't mind some quiet and peace.... right now...
Jul 13 2006 11:26 GMT acidlin
it's a paradise!

fabulous picture with lesson of history :)
you have a very good photoblog.

muchas gracias por visitarme (y disculpa mi inglés.. es muy básico)
Jul 13 2006 17:26 GMT capcorse
Hello back and thanks, Kazi - I'm new, so still feeling my way....
Jul 13 2006 19:35 GMT something
awesome!!! There's a great place to visit!
Jul 13 2006 21:14 GMT capcorse
Definitely, thanks Something!
History scenery and superb walking country - nearly perfect!
Jul 14 2006 21:16 GMT GeoffReeves
A wonderful scene with lovely colours and depth.
Jul 17 2006 16:43 GMT steeldragonfly
i like this pic very much, wonderful landscape, the human figure helps to understand the escale, the information about the walls is so interesting
sorry for my bad english
Aug 04 2006 03:01 GMT snowbird
Interesting shot here, well done!!!
Aug 18 2006 15:17 GMT sweetjane
wonderful place the wall of Adriano????
Aug 18 2006 15:17 GMT sweetjane
i was right i read it now sorry
Aug 18 2006 17:21 GMT LizeMari
Nice clouds
Aug 18 2006 17:40 GMT capcorse
Thank you, LizeMari!
What about the incredibly handsome walker in the middle......?
Sep 21 2006 10:59 GMT Midworlder PRO
Hadrian's Wall .. thank you ...have heard of it but now I have seen !!!
Sep 21 2006 11:00 GMT Midworlder PRO
Pt 2 - Quite short these Picts ... were they ?????
Jan 29 2007 00:18 GMT Nightporter
I do like the sense of wide open space in this shot. I've never been to Hadrian's Wall, although I hope to sometime soon. My father keeps bugging me by telling how bloody amazing it is! I need to see it for myself.!