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Comments on this photo:

Jan 13 2007 10:10 GMT sini
Yes candle07, and I want to share your coffee please..:)))
Jan 13 2007 10:21 GMT candle07

Y will get it sini a spical for y. :) :)
Jan 13 2007 10:30 GMT suzannesmash
greeeeat coffee shot...LOL and sure, i always appreciate to share some seriously coffee time.
Jan 13 2007 10:36 GMT hamrahi
yes........SOo lovely shot and comment.............................
Jan 13 2007 10:51 GMT candle07

Thanks dear suzann, me to hope sharing y time coffee.
Jan 13 2007 10:52 GMT candle07

Ok Hamrahi, y to sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet and lovely time to be.
Jan 13 2007 12:05 GMT Eilan
Jan 13 2007 12:09 GMT candle07

Yes Eilan Y are right, Oh do y want one or not :)
Jan 13 2007 13:22 GMT Studio88
Having my Coffee right now!!!
Jan 13 2007 20:34 GMT u40
bardzo fajna fotka , super!!!
Jan 14 2007 04:37 GMT candle07

hi Studio88,

And me too now after 5 minutes I will make new one, thanks for y comment and we will get lovely time with it.
Jan 14 2007 04:41 GMT candle07

Hi u40,

Thanks for comments I like y coming so much.
Jan 14 2007 07:00 GMT waheed01
it is seam so great .....and warm in winter....thanx
Jan 14 2007 07:08 GMT koeyee
Do you want to share with me ?:P
Jan 14 2007 07:35 GMT candle07

Y too dear thanks for comment, for the winter sor great.
Jan 14 2007 07:36 GMT candle07

Thanks for y comment

Yes I want koeyee what not.
Jan 14 2007 20:31 GMT Elise
Great shot.....tea for me please.
Jan 15 2007 04:52 GMT candle07

Thanks Elise, In y hand now. and wish to y will like it.
Jan 15 2007 07:03 GMT Dutchess
Hmmm, my desk has the same setup.... ;-)
Jan 15 2007 08:19 GMT candle07

Thanks Dutchess, we have same desk can y show y desk i wish to see, today I make for me and one for y too Cappuccino.
Jan 15 2007 16:44 GMT LizSA
aaahhhhhhhhhh....hoooowwwww kind of uuu....just like I looooooovvvveeeee
my coffeee..........mmmmmmmmm soooooooSooooo SWEEEEEETTT and
kind of you..............
you R so Coooooollllllllll!
Jan 16 2007 05:06 GMT candle07

Thanks for y so much LizSA, Oh it's coincidence I happy to hear this, y too kinldy. and every in my work I make one what about y. in yesterday I make great one it's perfecto. will share one
Jan 16 2007 11:35 GMT sarina
coffee break?
Jan 16 2007 21:55 GMT Ini
When i can come over okey.. i drink with you more coffee and to let we right talk ...
Jan 17 2007 04:44 GMT candle07

Thanks Ini, And welcome to y any time when y will come just tell me, then I will make for y best coffee. We will talk so much.
Jan 19 2007 14:07 GMT rafagorda
Hi Candle!!!! thank's for alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll your comments!!!!!!!!! and all the pictures were here in Brazil!!!every beach..everything!!!!! thank's one more time!!!!!! and hope someday you will come to brazil to visit some places just like the pictures!!!! ;)
kiss to you
Jan 20 2007 05:28 GMT candle07

hi y too rafagord,
Thanks y to so much to this beautyfull comments, will be there in future and I will visit y and family hope to y lovely time and sweeeeeeeeeeet.

Kiss Y too
Jan 20 2007 08:04 GMT Ini
Your coffie is cold now ;-)
Jan 20 2007 08:07 GMT candle07

Don't warry dear I will make new one for me and for y will be hot.
Jan 21 2007 09:18 GMT alx84dan
hmmmm... looks familiar :)
Jan 21 2007 12:30 GMT candle07

Thanks Alx84dan, Y are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
Jan 25 2007 05:05 GMT NeiK
Coffee looks good. :)
Jan 27 2007 04:45 GMT candle07

Just Try It, Y will like it, and thanks so much.
Jan 31 2007 07:22 GMT Elena99
You now make me thirsty!!!
I want fresh one toooo....
Nice pic!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 31 2007 12:21 GMT candle07

Y will get one, which y will forget y self in y place, y konw i miss few days i don't drink my cappuccino. thanks so much for y comment.
Apr 14 2007 14:20 GMT pp11364
Nice composition.
Apr 15 2007 05:22 GMT candle07

Thanks pp11364 for comment.
Jul 17 2007 13:20 GMT IceBreaker
perfect set for bad weather
Thanks for all of Your comments - You've added comments for all of my photos - it's awesome !!!
Jul 18 2007 05:26 GMT candle07

Y are welcome Icebreaker,
If y photos is not like to me i will not add comments and have nice time.
see y with new photos.
Aug 14 2007 05:26 GMT Kaska
that's what I'm doing at the moment ;)