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Up to y things friends,,,

Which one is cooooooooool this or last one?
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 04 2007 12:09 GMT Elise
This one is nice too :)
Feb 04 2007 12:23 GMT candle07

Thanks Elise so much.
Feb 04 2007 19:01 GMT Dorado
me gusta....
Feb 05 2007 05:05 GMT candle07

Thanks Dorado for y.
Feb 05 2007 09:13 GMT Ini
A beautiful car ....!!!
Feb 05 2007 09:39 GMT candle07

thanks for y too Ini.
Feb 05 2007 11:27 GMT rrodrigues
Thanks, Candle, for your comments on my photos. That girl taking in front of the blue house is not me, but a friend, that was with me in Bahia. I'm from Brazil but I had never gone to Bahia before. I liked it very much. Later I'm going to post other photos. But, about my pictures, I don't have experience at taking fotos at all. And my cam has a lot of limitations, especially because the city is too sunny. Where are you from? Come to Brazil for a visit and you will be very welcome. You will see places that are so wonderful that the camera can not capture its beauty.
Feb 05 2007 11:32 GMT candle07

Thanks to y too for big comments and sweeeeety, that beautyfull too y get the pic. or y friends y are one. thanks so much for y rrodrigues.
Feb 05 2007 19:54 GMT MaRtEnKaA
thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for your comments:D
Feb 06 2007 05:26 GMT candle07

Y Welcome.
Feb 06 2007 10:42 GMT vahabzadeh
thanks from all of your comments,u give me positive energy, again thanks ;)
Feb 06 2007 11:21 GMT candle07

y welcome Vahabzadeh, and want y like this always.
Feb 06 2007 11:32 GMT Ini
Feb 06 2007 12:53 GMT rrodrigues
Thanks, Candle07, for your comments. Later I'll post other pictures of the sunset. I hope you keep taking a look. I realized you really like boats!
Feb 06 2007 22:24 GMT MargaretRae
May i ask what smokeless means?
Feb 07 2007 03:46 GMT Studio88
Silver Wheels - Sharp Looking Auto!!!
Feb 07 2007 04:48 GMT candle07

thanks rrodriques for y to and I will wait y new photos of sunset. y will see me when y have new photo.
Feb 07 2007 04:49 GMT candle07

MargaretRae y will see photo of smokeless in my comment and i hope to like it to y.
Feb 07 2007 04:50 GMT candle07

thanks dear Studio88 for sweeeeeeet comments.
Feb 07 2007 22:14 GMT LizSA
great entry.....lovely colour...looks llike the same shape of car...just a
different colour...do you work with cars...do you desigh or build cars....
thankyou for all your faithful comments.....and I like the fishermen series...
the sea is good....it provides food for many people...!!!
Feb 08 2007 21:25 GMT candle07

thanks LizSA, no just i love my car coz give me many things, and i like to get pic. of it, i don't work with car, i have in my main desigh to new model car put i don't found the website to give the desigh. thanks y too so much.
Feb 20 2007 07:47 GMT Ini
Thank you..
Feb 20 2007 14:29 GMT motek23
thank u! Please votefor me...I'am a contestantfor missworld Canada http://www.missworldcanada.com/contestants/2007/official/maria/index.htm
This contestant can be watched live onMarch 14th
Feb 21 2007 10:15 GMT candle07

All ready vote missworld Canda.
Feb 22 2007 04:47 GMT illy
Feb 25 2007 05:40 GMT candle07

Mar 05 2007 07:59 GMT waheed01
كلللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللل لك ذوق ....يا حلى الشموع
Mar 05 2007 09:17 GMT candle07

y too dear
Mar 05 2007 10:30 GMT Miiapa
thank you :)
Mar 05 2007 10:34 GMT candle07

Y welcome Miiapa.
Mar 27 2007 15:20 GMT palakol
Cool.. c",)
Apr 08 2007 07:59 GMT candle07

Thanks to y and sorry for late.