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This is my car last night i got pic. and i loved to put here in this website, and i hope to like every one he is coming to see.

every day i set with friends on the beach, , ,

who can tell me what is name of my car?

let every one shar and hope to like to every one,
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 21 2006 15:05 GMT Maaya
very difficult to say.........my eyes are blinded by the light...:-))
Nov 21 2006 17:49 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Thanks for your comment and welcome to Fotothing!
Nov 21 2006 19:20 GMT Denham
Welcometo fotothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 22 2006 06:16 GMT candle07

hi maaya,

y right me too my eyes blinded, and I will tell y later mabye sone he will know. thanks to y visit, , , will be always
Nov 22 2006 06:18 GMT candle07

thanks y too fotoloekb for y visit and good luck to y, and i hope be sharing our photos.

good luck to y and all
Nov 22 2006 06:24 GMT candle07

thanks to say that denham, , , , good luck to y
Nov 22 2006 07:11 GMT hosseinali
saalam. welcome to fotothing::::::::انا سعید بمعرفتک
Nov 22 2006 07:51 GMT candle07

y too welcome mr. hussain,,,,

thanks to y visit
Nov 22 2006 08:07 GMT soldier
Amazing lights... stunning capture!!!
Nov 22 2006 08:39 GMT tenpot
in motion
very well
Nov 22 2006 08:52 GMT candle07

Nice from y to say that soldier and y too , , ,

and thanks to come
Nov 22 2006 08:53 GMT candle07

Really I thanks y coz y tell new things i do by my self, , , y coming nice too
Nov 23 2006 12:34 GMT Elise
How could you take the picture of your car while you are driving? :)))

Amazing though...
Nov 25 2006 05:26 GMT hamrahi
Welcome to fotothing:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;
Nov 25 2006 09:14 GMT candle07

Thanks to y hamrahi, , , and good luck to y
Nov 25 2006 10:29 GMT lemarten
Welcome Candle!! And thank You for your comments. You are going to my friends.
Nov 25 2006 10:47 GMT candle07

thanks y to to say welcome and for friends , , ,
Nov 26 2006 09:55 GMT paparazziboy
Toyota Camry?
Nov 26 2006 10:30 GMT candle07

hi paparazziboy, , ,

thanks to y visit , it's not toyota camry, , ,
Nov 26 2006 11:04 GMT hosseinali
Nov 26 2006 12:24 GMT candle07

no it's not suparo hosseinali, and thank to y share let's keep guess
Nov 28 2006 11:01 GMT Studio88
Too much glare from the headlights to guess the make & model!!!
Nov 28 2006 11:25 GMT candle07

Yes it's coz I keep my headlights on, I will tell all and model and make,

model :2003
Make: Nissan

now guess
Nov 28 2006 15:15 GMT Icefire
Thank you very much for your lots of coments on my photos! ^__^

I suggest you make your photos more clear seeing, and they will be greater.
Nov 29 2006 04:49 GMT candle07

And thanks to y also for this comment, y right I should make my photos clear but as I say this is from camer my mobile, I will get new camera (sony) then y will be and other member pleasant, , ,
Dec 11 2006 06:17 GMT zooz
Welcome to Fotothing..
Wish to see more of ur photos..:)
By the way am from Bahrain too:)
Dec 11 2006 09:36 GMT candle07

Thanks to y zooz, Y will see more photos. . .
Oh y from bahrain nice to meet y and I am glad to see y zooz. . .
Dec 13 2006 09:32 GMT sini
Dec 19 2006 04:52 GMT candle07

Thanks sini to y comment , , ,
Jan 31 2007 07:27 GMT Elena99
Nice car you got!!!!
But dont drive too fast, ok.
Jan 31 2007 12:26 GMT candle07

Thanks for y,

I always drive fast but some time not fast, i get new car faster car for speed.
Jul 08 2007 10:57 GMT corainna
wellcame to fotothing!
Jul 08 2007 12:00 GMT candle07

Thanks Corainna.
and y too.