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Tags castle


This Castle in my Village, and sorry if not clear or photo is bad.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 20 2007 08:15 GMT Ini
Ahhh that is nice and beautiful my friend and nothing is bad....(only the war)

Have a nice day :-))
Jan 20 2007 08:16 GMT Ini
And a great weekend too..
Jan 20 2007 08:24 GMT candle07

Thanks my friend Ini, nice to hear this nice words from y and y too have wonderfull weekend.
Jan 20 2007 08:26 GMT sini
Nice blurry castl you have in your village!:)
Jan 20 2007 08:31 GMT candle07

Thanks for y very much Dear Sini.
Jan 20 2007 08:43 GMT Pasifae
Very nice composition!
Jan 20 2007 09:13 GMT candle07

Thanks too Pasifae.
Jan 20 2007 14:23 GMT Studio88
Blurry but nice! I've seen Blurry photos win contests!!!
Jan 20 2007 17:37 GMT hamrahi
Great composition...............impressive...........................
Jan 21 2007 05:51 GMT candle07

Thanks dear (Studio88,Hamrahi).

Happy to see y again.
Jan 21 2007 09:39 GMT waheed01
dear ..hope next time you can stop in do it better ..it is realy nice place ....regards
Jan 23 2007 05:03 GMT candle07

Thanks dear waheed01, well done dear.
Jan 23 2007 20:33 GMT LizSA
It seems like a very...very old place....and
the trees are good..!
Jan 24 2007 07:26 GMT candle07

Yeah, it's very very old and the castle make my vellage wonderfull view.
Jan 25 2007 05:04 GMT NeiK
It's a lovely castle!
Jan 27 2007 04:45 GMT candle07

Yes dear Neik it's like that and will very beautyfull when any one he is near to the castle, thanks for y comments.
Mar 04 2007 11:21 GMT kreiner
Impressive, and well said Ini. Looking forward to seeing more of your work candle07...Cindy
Mar 04 2007 12:07 GMT candle07

Thanks to y so much Cindy, and i will work for it.
May 16 2007 14:44 GMT SlowCheeetah
Wow! Fantastic building, I like this style!
May 19 2007 05:24 GMT candle07

Yeah Slow it's so beautyfull and this castle from many many years.
Oct 28 2007 13:32 GMT korni
lovely castle!
Oct 29 2007 06:44 GMT candle07

Old one in our village and make the village so nice.
thanks too.