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Mom make this cake, who is want one?
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 09 2007 11:36 GMT lolailo
mmnmn....q rico! :D
Jan 09 2007 12:13 GMT Ini
O yes give me a little bit mmmmm delicious tast well ...
Jan 09 2007 12:17 GMT sini
Oh yes, tell mom it looks delicious!!:))
Jan 10 2007 03:08 GMT hamrahi
Yeeeeeeees delicious......................................
Jan 10 2007 04:47 GMT candle07

Thanks for all y girls , and it's taste and y keep for every one , , ,
Jan 10 2007 09:10 GMT Pasifae
It seems very good!!
Jan 10 2007 11:16 GMT Studio88
Looks Delicious!!!
Jan 10 2007 12:00 GMT candle07

Thanks dear, I will save one for y , , ,
Jan 10 2007 13:26 GMT beedabee
Yummy ..
Jan 10 2007 19:58 GMT candle07
Thanks for y , , ,

Y like it beedabee, , ,
Jan 11 2007 15:21 GMT voodoo23
my mom can do the same ,lol,
Jan 11 2007 23:01 GMT candle07

Thanks friend, so we have sharing in same cake, , ,
Jan 13 2007 12:13 GMT Eilan
i like this clik 'cause at first time it looks strange, I needed some second to understand... At first in the little one I think it was a rear-view mirror on a street-puddle... but i think i'm too much fancyful... eheheh
Jan 13 2007 12:30 GMT candle07

heheh, Beautyfull and lovely commnet from y Eilan, take one with y.
Jan 15 2007 16:42 GMT LizSA
hahahahahaha....oh my glory........you make me laugh....we moved on from the
peace pipe to your moms cake....lovely....what can I say....she might have baked the cake......but you sureley cut it in big slices.....so I would share a
half a slice thankyou.....
soooooooooooSoooooooooooo....Sweeeeeeettttt of u to share with
us.....i think you are soooooo cuutttteeee!!!!
Jan 16 2007 05:11 GMT candle07

Thanks to y so much LizSA, nice comment lovely to, In first look I take one i can't look then moving fast without eat any peace, yes mom lovley so much make this cake, Y are welcome any time dear and will I give y sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet peace. Y too so great.
Jan 22 2007 12:02 GMT lizkasper
I agree with Eilan.
A great shot and great invitation!
Jan 22 2007 12:23 GMT candle07

Y welcome to lizkasper, well I have invitation both for cake or lunch just tell where y want. and y will get sweeeeeeeeeeeeet cake or lunch. thanks for y comment.
Jan 28 2007 18:27 GMT abojovna PRO
Hello! l am comming latter ... thanks ... nice shot !
Jan 29 2007 05:55 GMT candle07

Thanks for y coming and comment, anytime wlecome to y.
Jan 29 2007 10:49 GMT atelierdolcevita
Thanks for your compliment !
Do you have some coffee to go with this cake?
Jan 31 2007 07:25 GMT Elena99
I do, I do, I do!!!!
I do want one piece of this chocolate cake... yammy yammy!!!
Am I too late? No cake left for me???
Jan 31 2007 12:23 GMT candle07

Y too thanks for yes for y i will coffee for y, and y are wleceome.
Jan 31 2007 12:24 GMT candle07
thanks dear

Will make new one for y a big cake Elena99, don't warry if y want y will get, do y make like this before?

Jan 31 2007 14:52 GMT acidlin
Feb 11 2007 07:37 GMT candle07

what do y like acidilin, let's to get one friend.
Mar 27 2007 15:22 GMT palakol
Yummmmmyyyyyyyyyyy.. c",)
Jul 08 2007 10:55 GMT corainna
send some to me too!
Jul 08 2007 12:01 GMT candle07

Just give me y address
then y will se.

Thanks to y.