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Living sculpture, Las Ramblas (1)
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 03 2007 06:44 GMT Jakeobean
Brummieboy....marvelous series on these living sculptures....the first time I ever saw one of these actors was in Boston....when the performer actually moved I was shocked....
Sep 03 2007 06:45 GMT AlisonBelinda
Wonderful! he looks like a real statue.
Sep 03 2007 10:01 GMT brummieboy
Thanks ... the first time I saw them was in Milton Keynes and I have seen occasional ones elsewhere .. but there must have been 20+ every day in Las Ramblas...
Sep 03 2007 10:01 GMT brummieboy
He was superb .. totally stationery ......
Sep 03 2007 11:50 GMT annaschnitfink
Great small living sculpture series dear Phil!
Sep 03 2007 12:16 GMT Riet
I admire those actors........how they can sit still.....awesome!
Sep 03 2007 12:54 GMT brummieboy
Thanks dear Anna ....
Sep 03 2007 12:55 GMT brummieboy
They have infinite patience ... I couldn't do it ...
Sep 03 2007 14:59 GMT jamaboop
I can't imagine how they can do this, it looks so simple until you try to hold still for any time at all. (like if a fly lands on you!) The paint they wear also makes you itch. These are just wonderful shots, and this man really looks like a statue!!

Marvelous series!! Thank you for sharing!!
Sep 03 2007 16:00 GMT brummieboy
You are so right about their patience.... glad you enjoyed them .... Phil
Sep 03 2007 16:48 GMT Kaska
I like your series.
It reminds me of the time when my son was little and we used to go to Amstardam behind the Rijksmuseum, there was a living statue standing hight up on some kind of pedestal, done in "bronze". My son would give it a coin and watch it make a bow... then he'd come quickly to me for another coin to give it to watch for another bow... he could do it for an hour, usually when I run out of coins and the actor would not repeat the bow even once :) he loved to come to Amsterdam with me but that would be the only thing he'd wait for :)
Sep 03 2007 19:56 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
I ve been there two weeks ago...I remember this one very well. They are so nice these "sculptures"
Sep 04 2007 08:20 GMT brummieboy
How delightful .. and the wonder on his face would have been a joy to behold I'll bet?
Sep 04 2007 08:20 GMT brummieboy
It is a fabulous city .. so full of so many beautiful things ...
Sep 04 2007 17:03 GMT Kaska
yes ... :) indeed :) that's why I kept going back there and always kept some change with me :))))
Sep 05 2007 07:07 GMT brummieboy
Good plan ..... Phil