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All My photos are 100% natural. They are not edited. 99% of the pictures from models are fix. I think we all know that. I want to be that 1% that still keeps it real. I am not perfect. We were not meant to be perfect. So I have flaws like many of you. But that is why we are human beings. Have you guys ever looked at a magazine and it looks like the model is a doll? How can people like that? I don't know. But, If you met me, I look 100% like my photos. People recognize me as soon as they see me. I am proud of that. So all of you out there, KEEP IT REAL!

Comments on this photo:

Dec 16 2006 19:39 GMT IsmailShaheem
nice pic
Dec 16 2006 19:39 GMT IsmailShaheem
nice pic

i gave some comments to ur pic pls look and tell me what u thinks have a great day.
Dec 16 2006 19:45 GMT bonitacelsa
Well, Thank yo for taking the time to comment on my photo. I liked the poem. You must be a very thoughtful individual. Thanks again.

Dec 27 2006 22:03 GMT matrixIceman
i dont think you should make such a point in the nature think...i believe that 99% of all Photos taken of Woman in this World are natural. You are a beautyfull Woman without doubts but your mind should be more open. Anyway,I hope you understood that I didnt mean that in a bad way...have a BIG hug from Tenerife Spain Canary Islands x
Feb 07 2007 14:39 GMT mysteryofsilence
dear matrixIceman, I should say that you re very wrong. Bonitaselca is right, all photos in magazines re edited. i know it for sure, coz I have a lot of friends who re models. Moreover, there are a dozen of different tv-programs proving the same thing. Even a famous founder of 'Playboy' says that they retouch their photos. It goes withour saying that those girls (not all of them, but most) are lovely in the real life, but they look very-very different from those photos in magazines because of tones of make-up and editing.
Sep 16 2007 21:18 GMT BobdeGroot
Great photo's bonita, you look wonderfull!