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Earlier in the day I dropped in at Chesterton windmill in Warwickshire.

Designed and built in 1632-33, this unique mill is of a remarkable design, and one that owes something to the famous architect Inigo Jones whose pupil John Stone was in Chesterton at the time and no doubt assisted Sir Edward Peyto, who was Lord of the Chesterton Manor House, with the look of the mill.
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Comments on this photo:

May 13 2012 16:56 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Thanks for this, it's a real surprise for a mill-lover like me!
Do you lnow if there are postcards of this mill? ( For my collection.)
May 13 2012 17:02 GMT biggles
There are sure to be some Loek, I'll see if the County Council website has them. If not I can always send you a print. I have several more images to process so maybe you'll like one of those...
May 13 2012 17:12 GMT superJoan
What an unusual windmill and thanks for the interesting information.... the son of a Welsh Catholic cloth worker Inigo Jones was important for many innovations including town planning. He was the first English architect to introduce classical architecture in a major way both in England and Italy....
Inigo Jones visited Italy several times, as a landscape painter, and returned to work as an architect and garden designer, famed for introducing the Palladian style. He brought Italian Renaissance architecture to England.
May 13 2012 17:23 GMT ujbanyiv
Wonderful Landscape Photo.
May 13 2012 17:46 GMT Annamaria
Very special looking windmill! It is realy beautiful!!

If you like you can add "millclub" to the TAG.... then this picture will join many more windmillshots...;-)
May 13 2012 18:12 GMT sini
Wonderful image!:)
May 13 2012 18:15 GMT biggles
Thanks for the Inigo info' Joan. I remember a major celebration of him when I was a child, including some postage stamps being issued.
May 13 2012 18:16 GMT biggles
Thanks for the comment uj'
May 13 2012 18:17 GMT biggles
Thanks Anna,

I knew I'd forgotten something!
May 13 2012 18:18 GMT biggles
Thanks Sini, I like that heron's head too.
May 13 2012 20:17 GMT mel123uk
Wow never seen this before.
May 13 2012 20:44 GMT Bigbear10
A wonderful unique capture
May 13 2012 21:02 GMT hans55 PRO
a great designed windmill ... your right must be an unique one !!
May 13 2012 21:13 GMT biggles
Its a lovely spot Mel, you should go take a look, and its a brilliant subject for photos; thanks for the comment
May 13 2012 22:17 GMT biggles
Its a lovely spot Mel, you should go take a look, and its a brilliant subject for photos; thanks for the comment
May 13 2012 22:17 GMT biggles
Thanks Sini, I like that heron's head too.
May 13 2012 22:45 GMT pauli3522
May 14 2012 00:35 GMT megmet PRO
Never seen anything like it.....a superb shot!
May 14 2012 05:54 GMT biggles
Thanks for the comment Pauli
May 14 2012 05:55 GMT biggles
Thanks Bigbear, I wouldn't claim uniqueness for the photo, but the building is certainly on oits own in the World
May 14 2012 05:58 GMT biggles
Hi Hans, cheers for looking in
May 14 2012 06:00 GMT biggles
Thanks for the comment Meg. How's the weather in Spain? Its back to grey and chilly this morning on the dog walk.
May 14 2012 06:02 GMT biggles
Thanks for the spectacular comment Hiunju!
May 14 2012 12:05 GMT CeterusParibus
cracking shot!
May 14 2012 12:46 GMT biggles
Cheers Ceterus, how's things with you?
May 14 2012 17:26 GMT saffi9
great unusual find
May 14 2012 19:43 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful shot and windmill there Ralph ;-)
May 19 2012 10:02 GMT twsottawan PRO
This is better than the Moulin Rouge. Brilliant. G.K. Chesterton was a genius as well.
May 19 2012 13:32 GMT biggles
Thanks tws. Sadly I'm not too familiar with Chesterton's work.
May 19 2012 13:33 GMT biggles
Thanks saffi
May 19 2012 13:33 GMT biggles
Thanks Cooler
May 20 2012 22:46 GMT ijbison PRO
Fantastic thing, like a bad dream about a stone elephant.
May 21 2012 04:24 GMT MargNZ
Magnificent capture of this most interesting mill :)
May 21 2012 13:13 GMT biggles
That might explain the massive piles of dung around the bedroom every morning...
May 21 2012 13:17 GMT biggles
Thanks Marg,

It was such a rare sunny day that day. We've had an awful "spring".
May 23 2012 06:35 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
I've never seen anything quite like this before!
May 24 2012 06:56 GMT biggles
It is pretty much a unique structure, some argument was had as to whether it was built as an observatory before becoming a corn mill. It would have been a pretty efficient mill I think, as it is perched right on top of the highest ground for several miles around and therefore had unrestricted wind access.
May 28 2012 05:03 GMT Midworlder PRO
This is fantastic
May 28 2012 06:12 GMT biggles
Thanks Roger
Jun 14 2012 20:05 GMT Bigbear10
Stunning capture with great colours and composition
Jun 15 2012 05:59 GMT biggles
Thanks very much for the comment Bigbear.
Jul 04 2012 20:15 GMT caferr
nice work...
Jul 05 2012 02:19 GMT biggles
Thanks caferr
Jul 20 2012 05:03 GMT PhotoPro PRO
fascinating history and a great shot!!
Sep 18 2012 10:02 GMT annieann PRO
excellent photo
Sep 28 2012 06:28 GMT Cronos1
Splendid photo!
Sep 28 2012 08:54 GMT biggles
Thanks for looking in Cronos.