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Comments on this photo:

Jul 13 2013 21:31 GMT Petermosull
Lovely evening light and such a dramatic sky - great image
Jul 13 2013 22:34 GMT biggles
Cheers Peter,

I was sitting in the pub garden with my wife and just had to say "I'm popping over the road to take a few photos".

I left the colours a bit "cooler" than PS would suggest.

Its taken with the new Nikkor 18-35 zoom- a fabulously sharp piece of glass.
Jul 13 2013 22:47 GMT MargNZ
Excellent capture Ralph . Impressive new lens :)
Jul 13 2013 23:10 GMT biggles
Thanks Marg, I have the "old" version too, but knew straightaway in the camera viewer that it was streets better...plus this beach is a favourite location for me.
Jul 14 2013 08:35 GMT twsottawan PRO
The cooler colour space really works in this beach scene. Excellent artistic judgement. Definitely #####. (5 sharps out of 5).
Jul 14 2013 10:16 GMT biggles
Glad you agree TWS, thanks for looking in.
Jul 14 2013 16:08 GMT twsottawan PRO
Anytime Mr. B. . How's the small biggles coming along. Seems to be adapting to world travel very well. Mind she doesn't go over the top with wanderlust.
Jul 14 2013 18:06 GMT biggles
She's a great little lady, 1yr old last week. Wouldn't mind if she got the wanderlust, I'd be happy to show her around!

Years ago I did a solo round the World trip, and I met some very interesting families who were eaching their kids while they toured the globe...some of the children were pretty rounded characters.
Jul 15 2013 08:14 GMT Midworlder PRO
Gorgeous photo
Jul 15 2013 08:52 GMT biggles
Apparently not Roger, I got "Null Points" from the German judge. But I'll take your judgement as you can take a good picture.
Jul 16 2013 03:57 GMT twsottawan PRO
Was it less than 80 days round the world. Do you travel competitively.
Jul 16 2013 06:19 GMT biggles
Ha: It was probably 100 days, I had a bit of pressure to be back home to help run the family business! Would have loved it to have been longer.
Jul 19 2013 13:10 GMT ujbanyiv
Another Masterpiece.
Jul 19 2013 14:08 GMT biggles
I'm blushing at such praise, not sure masterpiece...very kind comment.
Jul 20 2013 07:48 GMT twsottawan PRO
Hope it wasn't over pressure. Travel can be stressful. You fly RR class. What's the marking on the cowls.
Jul 20 2013 08:00 GMT twsottawan PRO
What sort of power train do they put in these old marine hulls?
Jul 29 2013 00:40 GMT megmet PRO
A lovely photo Ralph, a pretty scene and a very interesting sky!
Jul 29 2013 06:03 GMT biggles
Thanks Meg,

Takes a good sky to get me out of the pub!
Jul 29 2013 10:52 GMT Tavascarow
Jul 29 2013 13:46 GMT biggles
Thanks Tavascarow, long time no see/hear, how've you been?
Jul 30 2013 17:10 GMT annieann PRO
lovely place biggles
Jul 30 2013 18:36 GMT biggles
Thanks for the comment Annie
Aug 04 2013 17:28 GMT bandsix
Has to be viewed full size....superb!
Aug 04 2013 20:56 GMT biggles
Thanks bandsix. I can't believe how good this lens is! Waitng to get a big print done of this one for the wall at home. Thanks for the comment.
Aug 05 2013 19:48 GMT hans55 PRO
fantastic picture ...masterpiece !!
Aug 06 2013 08:44 GMT biggles
Wow! Thanks Hans, effusive praise indeed. Many thanks.
Aug 11 2013 16:43 GMT SpiderScience
Aug 18 2013 18:25 GMT pauli3522
Aug 24 2013 23:27 GMT linnywv PRO
Wonderful sky!