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This is Gali. You’ve met her already here http://www.fotothing.com/bennystr/photo/981f9a4567b93e248e63ca02c8fe84f2/
I had an opportunity to work with this lovely and talented actress again, practicing high key lighting.
We decided that we want to show her versatility by choosing an opposite character
to the dark role she played in her first series.
Our objective was to present Gali as a naïve, in love girl…. (1/3)

Constructive critique is more than welcome.

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Comments on this photo:

Apr 09 2008 16:09 GMT Pasifae
Beautiful portrait! :)
Apr 09 2008 16:12 GMT marioalbertina
It is difficult to choose the most beautiful! :))
Apr 09 2008 16:13 GMT gentletouch PRO
Great series! Well done, my friend.
Apr 09 2008 16:14 GMT mariolina
soooooo lovely!!! :) congrats my dear Benny....I'm the next one!!! ;-)
Apr 09 2008 16:19 GMT sini
She and you did a great job!:)
Apr 09 2008 16:19 GMT bennystr
Dear mariolina, I take my photography seriously, I'm not kidding...
I have it in writing now, with many friends to witness that..., YOU'RE NEXT!!! :-)
Apr 09 2008 16:22 GMT fredaFunSite
now , that's the spirit of photography hihihi.
lovely. the lighting is beautiful ben.
Apr 09 2008 16:23 GMT Peixy
another beauty ....happy! I am sure with this good/amazing photographer !!!
Apr 09 2008 16:28 GMT mariolina
I've just seen the first Gali's series...oh my!!! Two different women!!! Simply fantastic!!!
Will you turn me into a seroius model????
Apr 09 2008 16:28 GMT jomoud PRO
Great work Benny.
I truly enjoy the entire series.
As I am leaving in the morning for Holland, I may not be able to comment again until May.
Keep upo the great photography my friend!!!!
Apr 09 2008 16:30 GMT iyerhari
interesting.. but i want see yr. birding Pics.:)
Apr 09 2008 16:30 GMT curandera
very nice series!!!
Apr 09 2008 16:32 GMT LizSA
I agree with Sini.... :)
you are a great team.... her face has beautiful expression...!
Apr 09 2008 16:32 GMT bennystr
I'll just capture your beauty, I'm sure you'll do the rest, with your creativity, I'm not sure you need my help to be what ever you want to be... :-)
Apr 09 2008 16:42 GMT mariolina
It would be a very FUNNY/CREATIVE/EXCITING experience...you are a teacher...and you know how much I esteem you and your work!!!! :-)
Apr 09 2008 16:47 GMT Twiggs
Excellent work as always :))
Apr 09 2008 17:01 GMT Arik77
Excellent portrait !
Apr 09 2008 17:05 GMT Tavascarow
Beautiful work.
More natural than the professional model.
Apr 09 2008 17:12 GMT senna3
Very charming portrait again!
Apr 09 2008 17:24 GMT Carlimauda
/really lovely series benny, so beautiful model!
Apr 09 2008 17:27 GMT Doody PRO
Great work Benny, the lighting is perfect and you have captured the image so well..
Apr 09 2008 18:21 GMT Sterretje
I love her even more in this 'positiver' (= referring to the colour) mood,
I like the dress a lot and the hibiscus flower adds a little bit of 'passion' to the photo
adore her smile :o)
Excellent work, dear Benny !
Apr 09 2008 18:26 GMT Erazmas
Excellent series!!! This one i like
Apr 09 2008 18:28 GMT SIGMUND
purpose achieved very good picture Benny!!!
Apr 09 2008 18:30 GMT nimbus
she is very pretty:)))
Apr 09 2008 18:35 GMT otilia
wonderful portrail, congratulation, otilia
Apr 09 2008 18:35 GMT hans55 PRO
beautyfull modell and picture !!
Apr 09 2008 18:53 GMT kajjiek
excellent work benny .... she is a natural ...
Apr 09 2008 18:53 GMT pauli3522
Apr 09 2008 19:01 GMT aquiles PRO
PRECIOSA GALI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don´t you dare to stop practicing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 09 2008 19:30 GMT Kaska
Benny, this is soo nice! I wouldn't recognize Gali, and I think that's a good sign that you and her did great job!
wonderful photo!
Apr 09 2008 19:33 GMT jamby PRO
she certainly knows how to play her role and she does an excellent job..my hats off to both of you! congratulations my friend!
Apr 09 2008 19:43 GMT anko
lovely portrait!
Apr 09 2008 19:55 GMT Ciekee
So beautyful Benny and such a natural pose. I prefer this above looking into the camera. But that`s personal offcourse.
Apr 09 2008 20:26 GMT mariazinha32
so beautiful!!!!!!!!!
Apr 09 2008 21:07 GMT Firecrest
Brilliant series, great natural pose, well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 09 2008 21:11 GMT sourdos
Great series!!
Well done my friend! :)
Apr 09 2008 21:57 GMT Snappa
Very well portrayed Benny
Apr 09 2008 22:12 GMT jceca PRO
OMG benny !!!!! fabulous work !!!!
doesn't look like same woman AT ALL !!!!!!

i'm in a queue too !!! :-))

love the expression here ......
Apr 09 2008 22:18 GMT piskins72
great portrait!
Apr 10 2008 00:14 GMT sayalio
Beauty again!
Apr 10 2008 00:48 GMT linnywv PRO
Great work Benny!
Apr 10 2008 03:18 GMT larrybenedict
This is great Benny. Freda Henry gave you a 'thumbs up' and she's a PRO. Your studio photo sure attract a lot of attention.
Apr 10 2008 06:15 GMT Minou
Wonderful capture !!
Apr 10 2008 06:21 GMT tuanandre2004
very beautiful model
Apr 10 2008 09:33 GMT rosyapple PRO
She is an entirely different woman - proof of her acting and your photography skills!
Apr 10 2008 12:16 GMT hallo
Well done!
Apr 10 2008 13:30 GMT mbz
beautiful portrait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 10 2008 16:32 GMT redtusker
Wonderful series, but I like this one best. seems less staged, more natural.
Apr 10 2008 18:03 GMT Vargen
Professional work!!! ;-)
Apr 10 2008 18:14 GMT jonAt
Excellent shot and excellent model!
Apr 10 2008 18:57 GMT Rosalie50
Beautiful girl! Nice model!
Apr 10 2008 19:41 GMT beus PRO
Excellent work my friend!!
Apr 10 2008 20:38 GMT twsottawan PRO
I think this is my favourite of this series. The model looks just slightly ill at ease but the pose and lighting and framing are excellent.
Apr 10 2008 21:47 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Of the set, I think I like this one the best. Perhaps it would have been nice to have her look toward the camera, with her head tilted up a bit to her right. Lighting is good. and the postprocessing nice. Not plasticy. Good shot and a good time!

Apr 11 2008 19:40 GMT Kalina
beautiful :)
Apr 11 2008 22:40 GMT Archer
Lucky you to have such a talented model...and you know how to use that talent to the maximum! Great series of portraits!
Apr 12 2008 16:32 GMT peterpinhole
Excellent lighting...beautiful model:))
Apr 12 2008 17:15 GMT caferr
nice done my friend...
to my fav...
Apr 13 2008 14:17 GMT Studio88
You Accomplished Your Objective - Sensational Series ;-))
Apr 13 2008 17:13 GMT znacke
pure beauty
Apr 15 2008 17:19 GMT Hamin PRO
Kudos and the highest of accolades to you and this stunning, gorgeous actress !
Apr 15 2008 20:25 GMT Dorado
Great shot.....
Apr 18 2008 19:19 GMT dougrun PRO
Mission accomplished!
Apr 20 2008 02:13 GMT jward
pretty portrait!
Apr 21 2008 12:02 GMT kumarr
Beautiful Image !!!!!!!!!!!