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Eye contact
I used by mistake evaluative light metering, causing over-exposure of the fox face.
In a contrast light situation like this one, it's better to use spot light metering to receive the right exposure of the subject.
A higher ISO would have helped too.
Do you have other suggestions?

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 20 2007 18:15 GMT hallo
Thanks for the tip, but i'll still keep a distance :))
Jan 20 2007 18:17 GMT Elise
My suggestion is nothing....this is wonderful so whats your problem? :)))))
Jan 20 2007 18:24 GMT tata28
i think this shoot is perfect benny...
careful my friend!!
Jan 20 2007 18:34 GMT genese
i wouldnt use any higher that ISO 200 on nature personally! gives to much noise!
Jan 20 2007 18:57 GMT Haw59 PRO
Wonderful picture. If I could ever get out of Auto Focus, I would be so happy. I am always afraid of messing up. As with this picture I am sure I would have lost it.
Great catch.
Jan 20 2007 18:58 GMT ashdad PRO
I'm impressed the way it is. While I can see what you mean, my experience is that wild animals don't hang around long enough to fine tune focusing.
Jan 20 2007 19:07 GMT Tavascarow
Like you spot metering every time & like Genese ISO200.
Still an awesome capture.
Your foxes are greyer than ours.
In the winter ours are red all over.
Jan 20 2007 19:35 GMT wifey
I think this is a lovely photo and I wouldn't want it to look any different… but here is some information that might be useful… digital cameras tend to burn the most information in the green levels… in other words green images will usually come out best… I'm having this problem with red flowers… that is why. Cheers!
Jan 20 2007 20:55 GMT CheshireCat
hi ;-)
Jan 20 2007 21:20 GMT alina13
beautiful photo!!!!
Jan 20 2007 22:49 GMT Minz PRO
Wow - what a fabulous capture !
Jan 21 2007 00:01 GMT potterjo
I would be grateful just to get the chance at taking a fox pic. Its hard to get correctly exposed shots when there are light and dark areas,,,,,don't think a higher iso would have helped as genese say they get too grainy. My camera has a + - button so the exposure can be tweaked some that way.
Jan 21 2007 00:02 GMT potterjo
Haw59....just take a couple in auto then start fooling with the settings....its only pixels and there is always the delete button....
Jan 21 2007 01:44 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I think you did a great job considering the light conditions.

Great idea pj..... that's exactly what I do auto then experiment....... except the moon - that one I have memorized!
Jan 21 2007 09:37 GMT marijke06
nice to see hem (or her?..)
Jan 21 2007 11:09 GMT sini
Beautiful capture!
Jan 21 2007 12:16 GMT fredaH
That's difficult situation.
I guess it's depending on how strong the light is.
usually i use 200 to 400 (when the light is low).
100 when light is strong and
shutter speed 1/60 but then depending on
"ready to hit button" accordingly to the subject.

u got beautiful capture here!
Jan 21 2007 12:44 GMT rohtas
Jan 21 2007 15:27 GMT Lie
Fantastic again Benny !
Jan 21 2007 16:21 GMT bojtorjan
I think still is a great catch and a great photograph. Very close...awesome!
Jan 21 2007 17:12 GMT fawn
Delightful catch. What a moment to be there.
Jan 21 2007 17:58 GMT rosyapple PRO
I'm not big on technicalities but i still love this photograph!
Jan 21 2007 18:05 GMT LizSA
OK...my comment... I could not resist.....I just love this photo...!!
Jan 21 2007 18:22 GMT hamrahi
SOOo beautiful photo...................................
Jan 21 2007 18:56 GMT litz
i think you got help or opinion from rpofessional photgraphers...
all you could get from me is....admiration!!!!
Fabulous photo benny....you're in the dangerous zone...
take care...and don't forget to run faster than them :-))))
Jan 21 2007 19:10 GMT Archer
Well…I surely have no expert knowledge that you have so I wouldn’t dare to suggest anything! Wildlife photography is definitely your strong side!
Jan 21 2007 19:33 GMT Elly
Nice fox!
Would it help to choose - 0,3 or 0,7 underexposure, or/and shoot in RAW?
than in PS using shadows/highlights?
Jan 22 2007 16:26 GMT deefer PRO
Lovely picture.
Jan 22 2007 16:39 GMT Poulet PRO
All I know is........this is excellent, dear Benny !! :)))
Jan 22 2007 17:52 GMT camperandrea
I think it's great!
Jan 22 2007 22:22 GMT bertel
a very great shot. Congrat
Jan 23 2007 08:52 GMT NeiK
Never mind the over-exposure...this is still a splendid capture - especially with that incredible eye contact.
Jan 23 2007 17:39 GMT Scarlett PRO
AMAZING capture !! Benny you do not stop to amaze me with your wildlife shots ! WOnderful !
Jan 24 2007 09:43 GMT Lubranco
Indeed "Eye contact" dear Benny. Fabulous captured and delighted for our eyes. My fave.
Jan 26 2007 14:09 GMT fawn
gorgeous is not enough!!!