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That's the end of a long and most enjoyable studio series at least for me.
I hope you've enjoyed watching it at least as I enjoyed shooting it... :-)
Thank you very much for your comments, critique and support.
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 15 2008 19:03 GMT mariolina
let me say...a FABULOUS end!!!! fav!!!
Apr 15 2008 19:03 GMT jamby PRO
i like the pose of the baby for the final shooting...looks like she's doing her bow!
Apr 15 2008 19:15 GMT sini
Beautiful and tender end!:)
Apr 15 2008 19:17 GMT kajjiek
lovely series benny ... thanks for sharing ...
Apr 15 2008 19:46 GMT ali1pat
Beautiful series - very nice :)
Apr 15 2008 19:46 GMT otilia
divino, beautirul         
Apr 15 2008 19:47 GMT fredaFunSite
wonderful series benny.
really beautiful.
Apr 15 2008 19:49 GMT oneiro
excellent!!!not the end my friend!!
Apr 15 2008 19:58 GMT peterpinhole
Excellent series my friend.You are lucky to have the opportunity...I wish I could make time for something like that.
Apr 15 2008 20:01 GMT moniqe
so cute... I love it how tha light shapes the profile :) it goes to favs :)
Apr 15 2008 20:03 GMT Firecrest
Beautiful series, great !!!!!!!!!
Apr 15 2008 20:18 GMT bushpig
Apr 15 2008 20:40 GMT sayalio
Yessss!!! *add*
Apr 15 2008 20:55 GMT mariazinha32
yesss i loved itttt..faved
Apr 15 2008 21:18 GMT Sheila PRO
that's magic!
Apr 15 2008 21:21 GMT Grimacher PRO
Wow, Benny. I feel I've really missed out here. These are fantastic...really special photos!
Apr 15 2008 21:21 GMT Tavascarow
Wonderful series & I think the best one last.
Worthy of the attention it has recieved & more.
Apr 15 2008 22:46 GMT ManiacMom PRO
it was a beautiful series and a beautiful babe. As always...look forward to the next one.
Apr 15 2008 23:33 GMT kamilla
Apr 15 2008 23:38 GMT linnywv PRO
Fabulous!!! All of them!!!
Apr 16 2008 00:11 GMT ashdad PRO
Sweet image!
Apr 16 2008 01:37 GMT blue
what a great series!
Apr 16 2008 01:42 GMT junne PRO
awesome! beautiful diagonal angle of pose, eye catching lighting
Apr 16 2008 11:41 GMT Minou
Lovely work !
Apr 16 2008 17:25 GMT rosyapple PRO
Perfect positioning and rosy lighting - I love how he is just in the frame!
Apr 16 2008 17:26 GMT rosyapple PRO
...and you can just see his/her eyelashes there.
Apr 16 2008 18:00 GMT nanstrom
What a beautiful series. This is probably my favorite, but they are all beautifully composed and the lighting is perfect. Very well done series.
Apr 16 2008 21:04 GMT Archer
Fantastic light and composition! Really exceptional series!
Apr 16 2008 22:19 GMT jceca PRO
fantastic job in the whole series !!!!
i like this one very much !!! even if the mother is not visible ...
Apr 17 2008 11:52 GMT beus PRO
Fantastic work indeed:-)
Apr 17 2008 14:31 GMT jonAt
Another winner! great series!
Apr 18 2008 19:45 GMT Haw59 PRO
Apr 19 2008 03:57 GMT Poulet PRO
Wonderful series, dear Benny!
Apr 19 2008 18:32 GMT gtc126
Outstanding Series of Baby Capture....Fantastic Lighting!!!!!
Apr 21 2008 08:05 GMT genese
hi benny.. i cant really tell you how to improve this image .. i love the lighting but personally would have gone for a tiny bit more light on the face that being said i love the fact that all the main features are highlighted, other than that this is a beautiful soft heart warming image. the space to the left i wasnt sure about .. but when i thought about it i could imagine the baby walking into the frame.. so it works on the freedom to move aspect. A*
Apr 21 2008 08:20 GMT bennystr
Thanks Genese, most appreciated!
I know what you mean regarding a tiny bit more light on the face, it would be perfect, if achieved, but considered it was a quite 'dynamic' session (Shachar was quite tolerant and patient for a 5 months old baby... :-)) I'm pleased with the result as is.
Apr 21 2008 11:59 GMT kumarr
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST CANT STOP LOOKING AT THIS PICTURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!