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Back to the studio… 1/x
This week I had the privilege to work with a young and talented actress, Gali.
It was a fascinating and refreshing experience for me…
The subject of this series was to practice the classic lighting (also known as Rembrandt lighting).
We did start with classic lighting, but soon enough; the definitions were left aside…
rules are meant to be broken, aren’t they…
As usual, constructive critique is more than welcome

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 21 2008 12:12 GMT Poulet PRO
Really classic lighting, dear Benny!!

Have a beautiful weekend. :))
Mar 21 2008 12:13 GMT palakol
Very Classy Capture.. c",)
Mar 21 2008 12:27 GMT Cronos1
Mar 21 2008 12:28 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Mar 21 2008 12:43 GMT Haw59 PRO
This is so interesting. I am glad you are having a chance to do this.
Mar 21 2008 12:53 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Pretty! Love the low key :) Yes, it's more fun to break the rules.
Mar 21 2008 12:54 GMT Dorado
Esta chica es muy guapa,....
Mar 21 2008 13:03 GMT linnywv PRO
A DIFFERENT kind of bird!!!

What a wonderful experience! You took a great shot!
Mar 21 2008 13:05 GMT marijke06
beautiful rembrandt light!
something different from birds :)
Mar 21 2008 13:14 GMT Arik77
Excellent photo !
Mar 21 2008 13:25 GMT Pea2007
Great shot
Mar 21 2008 13:33 GMT Minou
Fantastic shot !!
Mar 21 2008 13:41 GMT u40
Wonderful foto , brawo!!!
Mar 21 2008 13:42 GMT Seth4605
Great shot and beautiful light.....!!!
Mar 21 2008 13:52 GMT marioalbertina
Happy Easter, Bennystr !
Mar 21 2008 14:00 GMT jceca PRO
well ... i'm not from " this world " for sure ... i mean, no idea about those studio nor any other pro things ... but like the photo very much !!!
Mar 21 2008 15:16 GMT bobart
'Rules'? ... forget them, Benny. Great shot ... one of your best.
Mar 21 2008 15:18 GMT yvon
interesting information and beautiful picture
Mar 21 2008 15:20 GMT peterpinhole
It is a great photo ......sounds like your enjoying the experience and learning some important techniques, getting your own ideas on how to use them.Have fun!!
Have a great weekend!!
Mar 21 2008 15:45 GMT PhotoPro PRO
masterful job Benny!!!
Mar 21 2008 15:53 GMT Tavascarow
Beautiful work my friend.
Stunning model.
Mar 21 2008 16:19 GMT piskins72
great shot!
Mar 21 2008 16:20 GMT gtc126
Sensational Portrait!!! Well Done Benny!!!!
Mar 21 2008 16:25 GMT charlotte
Mar 21 2008 17:05 GMT hallo
Nice bird and a beautiful capture!
Mar 21 2008 17:12 GMT jonAt
Nice shot-very sultry!
Mar 21 2008 17:13 GMT Ivojass
Excellent portrait, bennystr!! I like the black background! Is it moon in the right corner:)
Mar 21 2008 17:17 GMT bennystr
It's a studio moon Ivojass, made by a special effect flash.
Mar 21 2008 17:27 GMT sini
Wonderful lighting and capture!:)
Mar 21 2008 17:50 GMT Carlimauda
beautiful light and girl....so nice in b&w
Mar 21 2008 18:19 GMT princessnot
great work! ;)
happy easter!
Mar 21 2008 18:43 GMT woooigottafightcominup
the sadness
Mar 21 2008 19:39 GMT Kaska
wonderful picture! breaking rules is where we find out what can be done :)
keep experimenting!
Mar 21 2008 20:06 GMT jamby PRO
i don't know about lightings too...I bought a book but haven't got started reading it yet!
I think you did a great job with your assignment here...she posed very relax...and that doesn't takes one way...it's both ways....you did a great job to make her feel relaxed...that just my humble opinion! :-)
Mar 21 2008 20:09 GMT bennystr
Thanks Jamby, but all the credit in this case goes to Gali, the actress who worked with me, I just had to click on time, she was changing expressions by the minute...
BTW, if you think I've made her feel relaxed, what do you think I did in the next shot... ? :-)
Mar 21 2008 20:12 GMT jamby PRO
I just posted my comment..:-)
Mar 21 2008 20:51 GMT sayalio
Amazing job!!!
Mar 21 2008 22:07 GMT rosyapple PRO
The multi-talented Benny! The lighting is very soft and subtle - brings out her fish net stockings well!
Mar 21 2008 22:37 GMT mariazinha32
love it
Mar 21 2008 22:48 GMT caferr
great work...
Mar 21 2008 23:45 GMT ManiacMom PRO
This is fabulous. By all means...break the rules. :)
Mar 22 2008 01:52 GMT LizSA
Gali is a lovely girl...!!

yes... and the lighting... very much of Rembrandt lighting there Benny....

beautiful... I love your studio work.... I think it is very interesting .. !!

Have a great weekend Benny.....!!!
Mar 22 2008 02:49 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautiful lighting (and subject)!
Mar 22 2008 09:31 GMT Vargen
The lighting is perfect here!!!! I never manage to get some decent indoor shots cause I can`t to handle the light... ;-)
Mar 22 2008 10:02 GMT Ciekee
Very good work. I like the expression.
Mar 22 2008 11:14 GMT yoshy
Beautiful play with light and shadows!
Mar 22 2008 13:10 GMT jenylew
Nice work here, Benn - love the lighting! Gorgeous girl!
Mar 22 2008 14:38 GMT aquiles PRO
PRECIOSA !!!!!!!!!!
Mar 22 2008 16:37 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Beautiful B&W portrait Benny!
Mar 22 2008 17:16 GMT beast33
great bw! great series! love this light
Mar 22 2008 18:11 GMT twsottawan PRO
I think I like this B/W the best of the series. The simple version of Rembrandt lighting( with main light at 45 deg. from camera axis and a fill reflector) has worked best here. If you have the resources you might try adding a light or reflector for the hair. In some of the photos there could have been more detail, or perhaps it was just lost on the monitor I had to view it on at this moment. In any case this is an excellent studio portrait.
Mar 22 2008 18:19 GMT bennystr
Thanks for the tip twsottawan, as a matter of fact there was a back flash on the hair.
You can see the flair it caused in portrait No. 2. It may sound like an excuse, but I think most of the details are lost cause of the resizing I've done and 'thanks' to the darker version of FT... although you can see the hair detail in original view of portrait No.4.
Mar 22 2008 19:45 GMT Archer
This and fourth I like the most by far. b&w portraits are always having a touch of mystical in it. Love it!
Mar 22 2008 22:08 GMT Jettline
It is a lot of feeling in this pictures! I Wich you great luck with youre work!
Mar 23 2008 04:20 GMT Studio88
Excellent Studio Series - Was at a Lighting Demo at Photo Expo ;-))
Mar 23 2008 13:32 GMT Sterretje
I like the idea
beautiful monochrome photo
Mar 23 2008 18:39 GMT Elly
I'm impressed.
I'm used to your beautiful birdpictures. This is so different. I love it very much!
Mar 24 2008 17:43 GMT Gotterdammerung
Your picture is full of emotion, she looks devasteted, moving my heart. Like someone who suffered a lot.
Apr 28 2008 22:50 GMT Ometepe