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488 views 2 people's favourite photo

Studio session... 6/6, the last one and my personal favourite...

Thank you for your encouragement and critique, both are necessary if one wants to learn and improve...

Try the original view to see a less dark version

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 23 2008 21:07 GMT jamby PRO
she a real ARTIST indeed! this is my favorite too! Thank you for sharing to us your hidden talent that we haven't seen from you before my dear friend!
Mar 23 2008 21:08 GMT suzannesmash
It is truly necessary to make improvements, and so you are doing too!!
Its great, crop is just perfect and so are light..
Its a picture that..moves you..
Mar 23 2008 21:16 GMT Kaska
I like it in b&w even more...
the whole series is very much impressive!
the model and the light and your work!
Mar 23 2008 21:17 GMT Felixthecat
Great studiowork Benny!
Mar 23 2008 21:27 GMT bennystr
Thanks my friend, the tear is real, it was a very emotional session.
It was a privilege to work with a talented actress
Mar 23 2008 21:29 GMT nimbus
hello you:)
great series:)
Mar 23 2008 21:29 GMT sayalio
Perfect.....impressive as in colour!
Mar 23 2008 22:15 GMT Carlimauda
oh wow........touching!
Mar 23 2008 22:27 GMT sini
More dramatic in b&w!:)
Mar 23 2008 22:35 GMT Twiggs
Excellent work here Benny
Mar 23 2008 22:47 GMT Pueo PRO
nice series
Mar 23 2008 22:50 GMT martynb
hi benny you got the lighting spot on here, cheers martyn
Mar 23 2008 23:05 GMT bluesky
Great..very expressive.
Mar 23 2008 23:12 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Great work Benny - great lighting and composition.
Mar 23 2008 23:37 GMT bertel
like the series but I miss the Wings and Feathers :o)))
Mar 24 2008 02:36 GMT ashdad PRO
Fantastic portrait!
Mar 24 2008 06:43 GMT Haw59 PRO
This is my favorite one. I learned a lot to from this. Thank you for sharing.
Mar 24 2008 07:22 GMT caferr
nice composition...
Mar 24 2008 08:45 GMT piskins72
very moving...fantastic!
Mar 24 2008 11:10 GMT yvon
excellent expression
Mar 24 2008 11:29 GMT Dorado
Muy buena
Mar 24 2008 13:25 GMT genese
i was going to suggest a little more lighting over the right side but can see from original that FT strikes again :)
this are really superb and this is my fav too
Mar 24 2008 15:10 GMT marijke06
nice light work benny!
Mar 24 2008 15:28 GMT marioalbertina
It is more expressive black and white than in color !
Mar 24 2008 16:12 GMT mustiko
super shot***
Mar 24 2008 17:50 GMT Gotterdammerung
Great!!! I love the way you present her tear drop. It makes me thing about a fado singer moved during the concert!
Mar 24 2008 18:12 GMT marconix
superrb shot!
Mar 24 2008 18:41 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Oh yes, I really love this b&w!! fantastic

What fun to do this kind of shooting........bravo. They all have their merits!!
Mar 24 2008 18:47 GMT PutoRuben
wonderful photo.......brilliant capture
Mar 24 2008 19:48 GMT Tjoj
Beautiful portrait!
Mar 24 2008 21:32 GMT GeoffReeves
Very emotive.Maybe just a tad too much space on right for me.The light is great and yes,mono suits this drama so well ! nicely done Benny,love that tear ! dramatic indeed.
Mar 24 2008 22:09 GMT rosyapple PRO
She is reaching out! Strong and evocative!
Mar 24 2008 22:10 GMT Archer
Very emotional and very dramatic! Very special series about light, expression and emotion!
Mar 24 2008 22:23 GMT Kaska
very well done! I enjoyed this series very much
Mar 24 2008 23:44 GMT twsottawan PRO
Your use of lighting, posing and composition has created a very dramatic image. Well done.
Mar 25 2008 19:25 GMT micati
So good work.....................love this series............:)):))
Mar 27 2008 13:29 GMT SaoPaulo
amazing!!! love that.
Mar 28 2008 11:15 GMT palakol
Splendid Capture.. c",)
Mar 29 2008 07:16 GMT nordenskioeld
rare to see these emotions in portraits, well done my friend!
Apr 03 2008 23:47 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Series!!!! Very Porfessional Work!!!!
Apr 13 2008 18:10 GMT hbla PRO
beautiful! intense!!