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‘Spontaneous session’ practicing High key studio lighting, model: Liad. ..........(4/5)

Constructive critique is more than welcome.
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 06 2008 19:37 GMT kajjiek
fabulous model .... great series benny ..
Apr 06 2008 19:40 GMT mariolina
too beautiful!!! :-)
Apr 06 2008 19:41 GMT sini
Lovely pose! Great shot!:)
Apr 06 2008 19:51 GMT marijke06
Apr 06 2008 19:56 GMT kamilla
sweet pose :)
Apr 06 2008 19:59 GMT zgooz
i agree sweet pose and
Beautiful tone of white
Apr 06 2008 20:00 GMT peterpinhole
She is very beautiful...I'm thinking its a shame the flower obscures her nose a bit though.Still a wonderful shot!
Apr 06 2008 20:01 GMT Archer
Captured in just right moment! Beautiful model!
Apr 06 2008 20:10 GMT sayalio
On the top!!!
Apr 06 2008 20:15 GMT marioalbertina
The photo is perfect and also "intriguing"...... :)
Apr 06 2008 20:16 GMT Ciekee
I like this one very much.
Apr 06 2008 20:30 GMT suzannesmash
So very PRO Benny, its a fantastic High Key series, so perfect.
Apr 06 2008 20:36 GMT linnywv PRO
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 06 2008 20:57 GMT fawn
Beautiful series!
Apr 06 2008 21:19 GMT jamby PRO
yes! I like her spontaneous pose...look so natural! and you are so lucky to work with beautiful photo models..:-)
Apr 06 2008 21:20 GMT Kaska
lovely series Benny! so light and "fresh"
Apr 06 2008 21:27 GMT bertel
Those Eyes. I´m in love. My Heart goes bumbudibumbudibumbudibum ( do not tell my wife :o)) )
Apr 06 2008 21:56 GMT zeem
Sexy as ever.....
Apr 06 2008 22:57 GMT Dorado
Very nice
Apr 06 2008 23:34 GMT janos
It's a lovely series :))
Apr 07 2008 01:56 GMT jceca PRO
i'm with peterpinhole ... actually, i'd like to see her smelling the flower ... :-)
still i like this one the best !!!!
Apr 07 2008 03:15 GMT Haw59 PRO
I am so happy you got this chance. You really need to look in to doing this more.
Apr 07 2008 03:50 GMT larrybenedict
I should have known that you would save the best for last....or maybe there are more. Excellent photography AND the model is very easy to look at....in fact, my eyes danced a little when I saw this photo.
Apr 07 2008 06:51 GMT Minou
This is an outstanding portrait - well done my friend !
Apr 07 2008 08:10 GMT hallo
She is beautiful no doubt...You are doing a good job as well!
Apr 07 2008 09:13 GMT Twiggs
High key works nice in this one
Apr 07 2008 09:36 GMT senna3
A charming photo!
Apr 07 2008 10:19 GMT voodoo23
lovely pose...but would you plz let me know how you lit in this shot?
Apr 07 2008 11:21 GMT twsottawan PRO
This is very "Pro". The hair strands are a bit of a telltale here but otherwise it's excellent.
Apr 07 2008 11:23 GMT twsottawan PRO
I don't want to labor this but, you might consider holding back the preliminary sketches and lead up shots that you took to get this one. This one is all that is required from the shoot.
Apr 07 2008 12:34 GMT SIGMUND
beautiful model and lovely serie!!!
Apr 07 2008 15:59 GMT iyerhari
looks natural!!!

Apr 07 2008 16:43 GMT jonAt
Lovely shot!
Apr 07 2008 17:18 GMT pauli3522
wow...good job benny
Apr 07 2008 18:39 GMT cedar99
I like this pose, and her directness. Perhaps smelling the flower would be a little better as jceca said, but the way the flower is held makes it unusual and I really like that (and I couldn't do a shot like this to save my life :)) Great job
Apr 07 2008 19:56 GMT beus PRO
Very beautiful work my friend!
Apr 07 2008 19:58 GMT bennystr
Thanks voodoo23, the entire series was lit with classic High key lighting, two flashes on the background and two flashes on the model, the background light is stronger by one stop.
Apr 07 2008 21:56 GMT rosyapple PRO
Her eyes are so intense! It would be difficult to know where to place the flower I think because i think it has to be close to her face. I may have left out the fingers of her right hand on hip mas they may be a little distracting from the main. Overall, however, it is stunning photography!
Apr 07 2008 22:50 GMT fredaFunSite
love this one.
Apr 08 2008 00:48 GMT LizSA
spontaneous... for sure...

fantastic clear series...
Apr 08 2008 15:37 GMT dcz
fascinant serie. great model, supers portrairts. GUAUUUUUUUUUUUU. CONGRATULATIONS.
Apr 09 2008 18:36 GMT otilia
perfect. congratulation, otilia
Apr 09 2008 20:25 GMT mariazinha32
this model is just fabulous!!!!!!!!...Her eyes catch all the atention!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 10 2008 18:05 GMT Vargen
I like her pose here and you handle the light perfectly.. ;-)
Apr 16 2008 18:02 GMT nanstrom
Another great series. Of course the subjects add to the beautiful feeling you have presented so well. ~smiling~
Apr 20 2008 02:14 GMT jward
Apr 29 2008 08:02 GMT karlbark
Excellent portrait - very nice pose!

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland