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After a long hesitancy, I transfer the decision to you...
Here are my two finalists for mypicturefriday, I'll tag one based on the majority decision... 1/2

Thanks to everyone who helped, I finally decided to go with the minority :-)

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 05 2007 18:26 GMT Qualquer
this is lovely ... great capture
Jan 05 2007 18:29 GMT sini
This is soo beautiful!! I choose this one too!:))
Jan 05 2007 18:30 GMT choices
This one's beautiful too! I can perfectly understand your hesitation...
Jan 05 2007 18:32 GMT fawn
incredible shot!
Jan 05 2007 18:34 GMT fredaH
GREAT shot and capture.
Jan 05 2007 18:35 GMT Gotterdammerung
I think that one is better, is simply excellent
Jan 05 2007 19:34 GMT LizSA
that is not fair....just after I told you how difficult the choice was...for my upload...
no dear friend it is your choice....:-))))
I love this one......but the next one will be no.1 ...i would actually choose
another one for you....the one next to this one....but seeing that you post
a lot of birds...we will stick choose the flower one with the bee...!!!
Jan 05 2007 20:46 GMT PhotoPro PRO
oh no what a difficult choice to make!
If I had to, I guess I would choose this one because I love the composition and coloring!
Jan 05 2007 22:12 GMT Lie
Brilliant bird and shot !
Jan 05 2007 22:21 GMT maiylah
ooh.... i like this one, too!!
... both a tie for me, benny. :))
gorgeous shot!!
Jan 05 2007 22:44 GMT Kariibv
Really a hard choice..! I like both but this one, I don't know why, makes me feel freedom
Jan 06 2007 00:14 GMT Molivac
Beautiful images !!!!!....i like this picture :-)
Jan 06 2007 02:16 GMT jceca PRO
very interesting moment ...
great use of DOF !!!
good choice ...... :-)
Jan 06 2007 11:53 GMT Lubranco
Exquisite image. Great choice this one.
My fav right now.
Jan 06 2007 21:42 GMT litz

both have terrific beauties ...
both were gorgeously captured...!
both nature at its best benny...
captured from the best nature photographer...!
Jan 06 2007 22:11 GMT rosyapple PRO
Is this a humming bird? The metallic colours are amazing!
Jan 06 2007 22:46 GMT Archer
Exceptional colour this bird has! Wonderful composition too! I’m not surprised you went for this one…Special!
Jan 07 2007 19:09 GMT bojtorjan
An extraordinary shot...the colour of this bird is fantastic! Great entry Benny!
Jan 07 2007 19:13 GMT Dorado
Me gusta
Jan 08 2007 05:02 GMT hamrahi
SOoo lovely shot..........................................
Jan 08 2007 16:55 GMT Tavascarow
This is beautiful
Jan 08 2007 17:12 GMT Minz PRO
Such wonderful colours this bird has - excellent photo.
Jan 09 2007 02:12 GMT Jakeobean
bennystr...marvelous capture....the depth of field that you have presented in this photograph is perfect....great photograph......
Jan 10 2007 01:10 GMT Fialka
Jan 12 2007 14:26 GMT NeiK
A good decision! A gorgeous capture and fascinating composition that makes you wonder what the bird is looking at. (I loved the flower/insect macro too!)
Jan 12 2007 17:39 GMT schwc125
a brilliant catch! very special!
Jan 17 2007 13:58 GMT sourdos
You have very beqautifull photos my friend :)
Feb 25 2007 19:41 GMT d6dana
this is sooo beautiful!!
May 08 2007 19:55 GMT LisaSam67
this is a great entry in mybestshot!!!
May 09 2007 12:45 GMT Poulet PRO
Really great shot, dear Benny!
May 10 2007 06:16 GMT mavik
Beautiful image! Must be difficult to pick out which one is the best among the best shots you have. :)