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Who can help me identify this cute little fellow?
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 25 2007 20:07 GMT litz
Awesome shot benny!!!!
Jan 25 2007 20:07 GMT sini
Lovely shot! mmmstreaker is right... it looks like a young robin..
Jan 25 2007 20:09 GMT hallo
Cute birdie
Jan 25 2007 20:16 GMT stellarossa
nice soft tone!
Jan 25 2007 20:18 GMT dolors
I can't but this is a great shot
Jan 25 2007 20:28 GMT LizSA
we have the "white eye" in SA....it is greenish yellow......with white ring around the eye,,,~~~~ they are found in small parties..we have two bathing in our pond..
visit flowers and creepers in search of insects.....and they "cheep..cheep.." they have a sort of jumping movement....!!!
I am not sure if this is the same sort you have....but it is rather common in SA.
Jan 25 2007 21:04 GMT Milibuh
So beautiful and poetic shot...added to my favorites Benny.
Jan 25 2007 21:18 GMT mickmusser
The lighting makes it look almost mysterious. I think it what we here in USA call a golden eagle.
Jan 25 2007 22:03 GMT marijke06
sweet little one...:)
Jan 25 2007 22:38 GMT Archer
Great colour tones and I like the cutie too!
Jan 25 2007 22:45 GMT rosyapple PRO
I have no idea but the focus is spot on! Such beautiful tones!
Jan 25 2007 23:01 GMT maiylah
awww ... so cute! lovely composition, too!!
sorry, no idea ... i don't think we have that here ... :))
Jan 25 2007 23:30 GMT biggles
Are we looking at a Blackstart again Benny? Do you have a note of the tail colour? Frank's call of RB flycatcher falls down on the overall dark tones of the plumage for me. Might be a female Black Redstart...
Jan 25 2007 23:42 GMT bennystr
Ralph: I don't think it's a Blackstart cause this one was smaller. That's the only pic I got, so I can't tell the note of the tail color. It might be a female Black Redstart. Can it be a young robin as mmmstreaker and sini suggested?
Jan 25 2007 23:53 GMT biggles
Robins tend to be more "scaly" looking plumage and more reddish brown. Plus, by now it would probably have lost its' juvenile plumage. My hunch is Black Redstart.

Time for bed here, must be very late with you...!
Jan 25 2007 23:56 GMT bennystr
Yep it's very late indeed, thanks for your help and good night!
Jan 26 2007 00:00 GMT wifey
All I can say is he looks like an insect eater… cute little fellow.
Jan 26 2007 00:06 GMT wifey
Jan 26 2007 00:18 GMT bennystr
Thanks Tracy, it's a tough one this time :-)
Jan 26 2007 01:32 GMT Poulet PRO
Wonderful shot !! Great tone too !
Jan 26 2007 14:00 GMT fawn
so cute :)
Jan 26 2007 15:42 GMT Molivac
Great shot !!!! Beautiful tones
Jan 26 2007 18:45 GMT schwc125
very beautiful catch, but I'm not good with birds...
Jan 27 2007 08:26 GMT NeiK
Wonderful capture! Unfortunately I can't identify it any further than saying that it is a very lovely little bird. :)
Jan 31 2007 08:56 GMT SanazM
So Cute!!!! Thnx :)