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Another one...
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 17 2007 20:38 GMT sini
So beautiful again!!
Jan 17 2007 20:39 GMT klingklingeling
I never a saw a bird like this. I am glad that i can find so many of the birds i never saw before on your Fotothing.
Jan 17 2007 20:57 GMT litz
yes...i'm with klingk.......!
i have to continue my collections of faves..!
Jan 17 2007 20:58 GMT Dorado

Upapa epops

Ave común en muchos ambientes pero sobre todo en huertos y cultivos arbóreos de secano. Tiene el tamaño de una tórtola y un vuelo característico que recuerda al de las mariposas, con una típica cresta que levanta cuando está en alerta o expectante.

Son muy conocidos sus hábitos de nidificar en huecos de árboles o de tapias, donde realiza una o dos puestas de cinco a ocho huevos, comenzando a criar mediada la primavera. El nido huele muy mal, existiendo la creencia popular de que los adultos lo confeccionan con excrementos pero éstos corresponden a los polluelos que van acumulando al no retirarlos s padres.
Jan 17 2007 20:59 GMT marijke06
nice name...:) beautiful bird!
Jan 17 2007 20:59 GMT jomoud PRO
wonderful bird series benny!!!!
Jan 17 2007 21:05 GMT fawn
Striking shot!!! This is another beauty!
Jan 17 2007 21:11 GMT genese
i have always wanted to see one of these other than in books! beautiful!!
Jan 17 2007 21:15 GMT rosyapple PRO
A striking bird - great hairstyle!
Jan 17 2007 21:49 GMT happysnapper
beautiful bird,wonderful foto!
Jan 17 2007 22:09 GMT Lie
Wonderful again Benny !!!
Jan 17 2007 22:48 GMT Minz PRO
Superb - So wonderful to see !
Jan 17 2007 22:59 GMT brummieboy
Wonderful bird .....
Jan 17 2007 23:15 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Brilliant hoopoe shot Benny - a favourite!
Jan 17 2007 23:22 GMT ashdad PRO
Love its headdress!
Jan 17 2007 23:36 GMT jamon

Jan 18 2007 00:17 GMT stellarossa
great one!
Jan 18 2007 01:10 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Amazing find :) Super good shot too! I like this one very well :)))
Jan 18 2007 01:53 GMT maiylah
beautiful shot, benny!
love the focus on the hoopoe bird itself ... :)
Jan 18 2007 02:19 GMT mickmusser
This is a shot to be very proud of. The composition couldn't be better. Rule of thirds, the out of focus foreground and the muted background all make the subject really stand out. And the detail of that incredible bird is excellent. Well done!!
Jan 18 2007 02:33 GMT hamrahi
Excellent shot.............................
beautiful bird............................
Jan 18 2007 03:43 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Great series! What an unusual bird.
Jan 18 2007 03:46 GMT PhotoPro PRO
stunning shot!
Jan 18 2007 04:52 GMT larrybenedict
what is the name of this bird? Love it!
Jan 18 2007 05:01 GMT fhelsing PRO
wow, such a beautiful creature!
Jan 18 2007 06:39 GMT NeiK
Wooooow... Amazing birds you have there! This one looks fantastic!
Jan 18 2007 07:39 GMT Elise
Stunning bird.....well done!
Jan 18 2007 15:16 GMT LizSA
so beautiful...this little hoop.hoop is so commen in SA...we have one here.....come to visit us so now and again......but you makes a beautiful photo
of it.....lovely Benny..!!
Jan 18 2007 19:28 GMT aztecXsea
fantastic looking bird. nice wild shot well done benny:)
Jan 18 2007 23:44 GMT Archer
Very complex image! Cheerful looking guy
Jan 19 2007 00:06 GMT backstreets PRO
I love this one !!!
Jan 19 2007 02:10 GMT Poulet PRO
Jan 19 2007 16:33 GMT Seth4605
Well done Benny....I enjoying, too look at your photos...!!!
Jan 19 2007 23:10 GMT aquiles PRO
Jan 21 2007 16:26 GMT bojtorjan
Gorgeous shot!
Jan 22 2007 12:44 GMT Afrogie
Lovely foto of a very unusual bird!
Jan 22 2007 16:25 GMT Laurie
I love this bird.. Great shot!
Dec 03 2007 08:24 GMT linnywv PRO
Wow..what a plumage! I envy you! This is a wonderful shot Benny!
Dec 03 2007 08:35 GMT MillReef
Great shot ! Very well done !
Aug 22 2008 23:20 GMT pauli3522
amazing picture
Mar 25 2009 20:08 GMT peterw
Brilliant capture Benny! I've only ever seen this bird once!
Apr 21 2009 15:57 GMT Apus
You've done it again Benny. Lovely portrait.
Jun 03 2011 22:21 GMT aprillady
Beautiful bird--I think his "featherstyle" has been stolen by many! Woonderful capture.
Oct 08 2011 15:02 GMT pauljhull
It's "Whoophoe"
May 05 2013 15:02 GMT photosbyh
Outstanding bird photography. It looks like it would be in the Kingfisher family.