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Here’s come No. 5… this time, I’ll give you clue… :-)

Today is my second anniversary at FT… a great opportunity to say Thank You to all my friends here,
and invite you to the party!

BTW No. 4 was meant to be destruction… but Linda asked me to make a happy one, so let’s make it ‘preparations for the party – making confetti’
Well done Olympe for guessing right... :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 29 2007 15:30 GMT LisaSam67
oh I was soooooo close!!!
let's party!!!!!!! congrats sweety!!!!!!!
Aug 29 2007 15:37 GMT sayalio
The winner takes it all! :-))) Congrats, dear great Friend!
Aug 29 2007 15:48 GMT genese
ihavent even tried i really dont get the whole symbolism thing :) but they looked great! hahaha
Aug 29 2007 15:58 GMT Arik77
Congratulations Benny !
Great series !
Aug 29 2007 16:05 GMT pp11364
Aug 29 2007 16:05 GMT Olympe1961
"Que la fête commence" !!!!! Youpiiiiii !!!!
Aug 29 2007 16:26 GMT adria
congratulations benny !...many more to come :))
Aug 29 2007 16:32 GMT gtc126
Congratulation Benny on two Years!!!! Thanks for sharing those Magnificent Shots of yours. Thanks for being my friend!!!!!!
Aug 29 2007 16:42 GMT Tavascarow
Congratulations my friend.
Looking forward to the next two years.
Aug 29 2007 16:48 GMT Satto
~~ BIG Congratulation Benny on two Years ~~
This images makes me HAPPY...and so nice series....
You give us all so much inspiration with your great shots....and give us so nice comments when we try to do images to show up here in FT...
so A BIG thanks to you too...
and hope you give us more and more...and mo....great photos to look at...YESSSSsss:-)
Have a nice day..:-)

(sorry for my bad english...but I think I learn...at least...so slowly...*smile*:-)
Aug 29 2007 17:12 GMT Elly
And a very nice series!
Aug 29 2007 17:14 GMT sini
Congratulations benny and thanks for all the nice comments!!:))
Aug 29 2007 17:17 GMT hallo
Congratulations...what a bright idea!
Aug 29 2007 17:38 GMT CheshireCat
thank you benny =)
Aug 29 2007 17:46 GMT AlisonBelinda
Aug 29 2007 18:05 GMT vipe
Congrats Benny!! =o)))))
Aug 29 2007 19:28 GMT fhelsing PRO
a fun series ...

... and happy anniversary!!
Aug 29 2007 19:52 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
OMG you glued all those pieces back together????? to wrap that little package!!

Aug 29 2007 20:04 GMT Sterretje
may there be many years to come, Bennystr :o) ...
Aug 29 2007 20:33 GMT mariazinha32
congratulations......and keep it comming........
Aug 29 2007 20:42 GMT Molivac
Congratulations dear friend !!!! Beautiful image and creative exercise
Aug 29 2007 20:57 GMT Peixy
Happy hAPPy happy FT 'here'.....for many years more!!!!!
Where is the party? what time?....I almost there. :))
Aug 29 2007 21:03 GMT klingklingeling
This looks good :-) You did a fine Job here, funny somehow :-)
Aug 29 2007 21:04 GMT bennystr
Thanks Peixy, it's here, there and everywhere... all the time...
I'll wait for you... :-)
Aug 29 2007 21:05 GMT Lubranco
I am very happy to be your friend. Congratulations for all marvelous things you did and shared...Hug + kiss all the best dear Benny !
Aug 30 2007 02:09 GMT aquiles PRO
Aug 30 2007 04:09 GMT lumaciel
Congratulations dear friend!
Aug 30 2007 04:26 GMT Londi PRO
Nice work Benny :) I always enjoy your photos so much! Congrats!
Aug 30 2007 04:47 GMT rohtas
Congratulations Benny!.... a great way to celebrate the 2nd Aniversary!
Aug 30 2007 09:49 GMT Dorado
Aug 30 2007 10:03 GMT GeoffReeves
Wonderful Benny.Great series and superb imagination !!
Congrats!! break out the party hats.......
Aug 30 2007 14:12 GMT santolina
My best greetings on the occasion, dear Benny! Lehaim!
Aug 30 2007 15:24 GMT peterpinhole
Congrats on two years Benny!! Your guessing game was very intriguing....lets party!!
Aug 30 2007 16:12 GMT irashid
Excellent series !!! Full of creative ideas and execution is superb !!
Aug 30 2007 22:00 GMT fawn
Congratulations Benny!
I wish you many more years and wonderful images on ft!
Very creative series!
Aug 31 2007 01:51 GMT Milibuh
Congratulations Benny, and thanks for being a good friend sharing your great shots !!!!!
Aug 31 2007 05:37 GMT ACL
Congratulations ....also to Your win in Challenge ...
Aug 31 2007 09:39 GMT Poulet PRO
Such a lovely and creative series!!!!

Have a beautiful weekend, dear Benny. :))
Aug 31 2007 12:49 GMT MaryamD
cool Benny!
have a nice weekend.
Aug 31 2007 17:51 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Congratulation Benny!!!

Happy Anniversary!!
Aug 31 2007 17:55 GMT ashdad PRO

Great series.
Aug 31 2007 17:58 GMT Twiggs
Good series
Sep 01 2007 12:50 GMT Maaya
A great series Benny !
Somehow made me smile a lot seeing these images....
i have no time at all these days .....will try to come in later......
Sep 01 2007 12:54 GMT bennystr
It's always a pleasure to see you around, even if it's for a short while :-)
Sep 02 2007 04:13 GMT hbla PRO
aw heck I'm just so happy to have you here!! you're all around artistic is SUCH a pleasure!!!!!
Sep 02 2007 04:24 GMT bennystr
It's so mutual Heather!
Thanks for starting my day with a smile my friend :-)
Sep 02 2007 06:26 GMT Felixthecat
Great series Benny!!
Sep 02 2007 20:43 GMT jceca PRO
happy belated anniversary !!!!!
missed it, sorry ...... :-)
Sep 02 2007 22:25 GMT Ometepe
Sep 03 2007 21:09 GMT Archer
I liked the game a lot! I'm sorry I missed the party but hey...it's never too late to congratulate :) So, congratulations my friend and think of first two as just of beginning. Many more to come Benny
Sep 06 2007 18:20 GMT Edelweiss1851
Oh I didn't know. I hope I won't be late for the party! I will bring the beer, and the water melon! Or do you prefer the cake?
Apr 09 2008 20:31 GMT mariolina
very creative!!!