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I’m still in a negative mood… :-)
Now you can say that you’ve seen the dark side of the moon…
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 25 2007 19:17 GMT grenthal
Jun 25 2007 19:21 GMT sini
Not too bad..that dark side..I like it:))
Jun 25 2007 19:21 GMT Arik77
Nicely done !
Jun 25 2007 19:24 GMT jceca PRO
aweeeeee .... this looks really great, benny !!!!!!!
the best one for now to me .... :-)
Jun 25 2007 19:47 GMT Pondy PRO
This is very effective!
Jun 25 2007 20:10 GMT Seth4605
Great shot....!!!
Jun 25 2007 20:30 GMT PhotoPro PRO
great effect benny!
Jun 25 2007 20:52 GMT Lubranco
Terrific. Just a dream !!!
Jun 25 2007 21:07 GMT Lie
But Benny live is a party, but sometime you must hang up the festoons yourself !!
Jun 25 2007 22:06 GMT irashid
Cool Shot and presentation!!!
Jun 25 2007 22:21 GMT potterjo
Jun 25 2007 22:30 GMT adria
it's ...blue :))
Jun 25 2007 22:31 GMT Archer
Just excellent work! Like the chosen colour
Jun 25 2007 22:56 GMT gtc126
Super Shot....Ben!!!!!33
Jun 26 2007 02:21 GMT ashdad PRO
Looks good!
Jun 26 2007 03:07 GMT Barbera
Great work..
Jun 26 2007 03:22 GMT aquiles PRO
LOVELY DARK SIDE !!!!... WONDEFUL negative mood SERIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 26 2007 04:11 GMT rohtas
Oh!,.... come one Benny... get out of this negative mode now!..... need you back to normal.... -;))) nice work all of the negative shots produced positive results.... -;))
Jun 26 2007 04:31 GMT hallo
Very nice effect...wonder what comes next :)
Jun 26 2007 04:51 GMT LizSA
Benny...Your fairy is a fav tonight....this Aesops fables....I use for the second time tonight.....so sorry....I feel to use it again....
the Moon once asked her mother to make her a little cloak that would fit her well..
"How can I make a cloak to fit you?" her mother asked.."Right now you're a new moon...but soon you'll turn into a full moon, and later you'll become neither the one nor the other......""".....
I think it is. .. like....we are not two days the same person....one day we are bright and well the next we might be down in the dark moods.....we are all human.....!!! another fav...tonight Benny..
Jun 26 2007 05:46 GMT nordenskioeld
excellent word-plays and pictures :)
Jun 26 2007 06:10 GMT Empty
Great shot Benny.....it's even better than I remember...!!!!!!!
Jun 26 2007 08:56 GMT stellarossa
Jun 26 2007 10:42 GMT Pasifae
Very fascinating!! :))
Jun 26 2007 12:52 GMT hamrahi
Excellent work.........................
Jun 26 2007 13:00 GMT Poulet PRO
I agree with Pasifae, very fastinating!
Jun 26 2007 16:43 GMT Satto
YEssss and its also beautiful......cool idea:-)
Jun 26 2007 18:07 GMT SIGMUND
Jun 26 2007 20:20 GMT gon
great idea, benny!! great results!!

(I can´t understand the expression "dark side of the moon". there´s not such a thing. there´s a hidden side for us, but that´s not darker than the other one...).
Jun 26 2007 20:32 GMT bennystr
It’s just a sort of expression, gon…
And there is always ‘Pink Floyd’…
Jun 26 2007 22:08 GMT gon
yeah... I know... I like a lot astronomy, and I always notice that when people talks about the dark side of the moon... just for being annoying... he, he...

btw... great album!
Jun 27 2007 04:55 GMT rohtas
get it going benny!.... this is awasome... yes we have now seen!.... what you are trying to show us.... .lol
Jun 28 2007 19:38 GMT lumaciel
The dark side of the moon
is a

Jun 30 2007 14:13 GMT litz
love it much benny... yes.. lumaciel is quite right...
it's blue ... everything and everyone has a dark side :-))
Jul 02 2007 17:01 GMT soldier
Stunning working my friend!
Jul 06 2007 21:23 GMT fawn
So terrific Benny! I love it!! This blue is very impressive!