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482 views 4 people's favourite photo

Thank you all for your encouraging comments.
It's the same pic as the previous, taken originally in b&w with an improvised red filter.
I like the atmosphere of the outcome, I'll be happy to hear your thoughts...
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 13 2007 17:49 GMT Scarlett PRO
This version is more dramatic, like a dream, or like a ghost boats ! However, I have feeling and emotion, so for me it's a success !! ;))
Jan 13 2007 17:56 GMT Glo
fantastic!!! like both versions :)
Jan 13 2007 17:57 GMT hbla PRO
from a red filter? interesting!
I like this...I like the foggy effect, perfect :)
Jan 13 2007 18:03 GMT klingklingeling
in my opinion the message is stronger with this b/w. I still love it. And its still beautiful. If i had to decide which one i would like to have on my wall, i would take the coloured one ;-) (psssst. *whispering: because there is blue in it*)
Jan 13 2007 18:15 GMT Satto
Absolutly wonderful in this "foggy" style....I love it:-)
My fav.....YESSSSs:-)
Jan 13 2007 18:44 GMT bojtorjan
I like both captures but this one is my fave! It's more dramatic, more mysterious...great work Benny!
Jan 13 2007 18:54 GMT litz
thank you for having this version, the other one is full!
...the original is superb... so with this foggy atmosphere..!
......i hope...just hope...!
Jan 13 2007 19:36 GMT marijke06
to lean on when you are old and wise...
great B&W
Jan 13 2007 19:55 GMT Phoenix PRO
Beautifully shot, very thought provoking.
Jan 13 2007 20:40 GMT Archer
Yes the atmosphere is exceptional! Excellent pic stays excellent in any colour but the mood could be changed. Glorious work Benny!
Jan 13 2007 20:56 GMT SaoPaulo
I Love foggy atmosfere. Misterios!...
Jan 13 2007 20:59 GMT ashdad PRO
They are both beautiful! There is a definite starkness to this one that ia missing in the color shot, but the colors are so subtle and break up the background more. I think I like them about equally.
Jan 13 2007 21:02 GMT tata28
where u took this???
its adorable,love it a lot!!!

next shoot is wonderful,....

but...... this one is perfect for me,...........looks so mysterios!

Jan 13 2007 21:09 GMT u40
bardzo fajna fotka , super!!!
Jan 13 2007 21:32 GMT aquiles PRO
great...GREAT in B&W too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 13 2007 21:39 GMT rosyapple PRO
I love the title to the original, very warming (no space left to comment) The first image is rich with the colouring revealing the age and character of these boats and this one softens the image and gives it a old time photographic appearance...beautiful work with both!
Jan 13 2007 22:11 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Added the COLOR photo to my favorites...no space to comment there. Like aging humans, these boats had an active, adventurous life and are now relegated to the beach, never to sail again. I feel the connection profoundly, and am happy to say that, although weathered and not active as we used to be, my companion and I look upon this picture with fondness as we age. We hope we're as graceful in the process.
Jan 13 2007 22:26 GMT Lie
B&W makes it more romantic....love this one !!! My fav...
Jan 14 2007 00:59 GMT wifey
I agree with Lie… nice NICE!
Jan 14 2007 01:45 GMT potterjo
they are both very good but I really prefer the color.
Jan 14 2007 02:04 GMT deanbed
Very good, but I think the other has great colour tones that are brought out!
Jan 14 2007 02:27 GMT mavik
I like both but this one has some mysterious effect in it.
Jan 14 2007 03:20 GMT Poulet PRO
Great and beautiful dramatic shot, dear Benny !!
Thanks for your comments at my site. I really miss you and your pics but I still have lots of trouble with international connection. :(( Just hope it will be back to normal within the end of this month (as they said) so I can visit all of your pics later..........
Jan 14 2007 09:38 GMT Maurabia
I prefer the color one, the bw gives another impression, any way thanks !!
Jan 14 2007 11:02 GMT fredaH
i love this one the most...
it's kinda giving me historic and tragedy feeling..
Jan 14 2007 13:44 GMT GeoffReeves
This reminds me of mist....great atmosphere...love them both for different reasons..!!!
Jan 14 2007 15:51 GMT maikmaik
I prefer the colour version, the rust is great there
But this one is like an illustration in a ghost book, really nice
Jan 14 2007 15:56 GMT sini
Great in b&w too! I prefer the other because of the great rusty colours!
Jan 14 2007 16:31 GMT Elly
I like both the piture, buth the colourversion most.
Jan 14 2007 16:39 GMT Katiska
Dramatic version, better than original ( wich is really good also)!
Jan 14 2007 19:02 GMT Kikon
this one is better
Jan 14 2007 20:35 GMT Barbera
"Time has gone".....
Fantastic composition. I love it!! both in b/w and colors
Jan 14 2007 20:56 GMT fawn
It's still divine!!! I love both equally !!!
Jan 15 2007 05:33 GMT NeiK
The mood is definitely different in this one! And the foggyness makes this look like a painting. Well done!
Jan 15 2007 12:54 GMT Sterretje
I do prefer the colored one,
but still very beautiful and lovely phrase you put under the photo :o)
Jan 15 2007 13:26 GMT Rosita
Sooooo beautiful and nostalgic....:)
Jan 15 2007 18:47 GMT LizSA
I do prefer the coloured one...but max...I cannot comment on it....
the original one is very human......It might be your description....or the way
it falls on the eye.....but a very human atmosphere...!!!
I sureley do like this one...a bit misty.....play more....it is great...!
Jan 15 2007 19:34 GMT dolors
I prefer this and also B/W
Jan 15 2007 21:04 GMT puppra
An old flame never dies... Of excellent quality!
May 08 2007 19:56 GMT LisaSam67
wonderful..... looks like true love!!! I think I like the color one best but this one has a misty quality to it and is good too!!!