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Comments on this photo:

Jan 22 2007 21:07 GMT sini
Beautiful against that blue sky!
Jan 22 2007 21:08 GMT Qualquer
beautiful capture ....this bird in black clothes ..have a cute face........I guess I like him
Jan 22 2007 21:12 GMT soldier
Woooowww... amaing watcher bird!
Jan 22 2007 21:18 GMT Sterretje
he' s wicked, don' t you think ? :o)
great portrait :o)
Jan 22 2007 21:26 GMT deanbed
Thats very good, I must be the only one who cant capture birds, they keep flying away! :)
Jan 22 2007 21:34 GMT litz
me too deanbed...besides...only naughty crows sometimes around...:-))
still a baby bird benny...the feather are still standing...or feeling cold :-))
Excellent capture!!!!
Jan 22 2007 21:34 GMT schwc125
Jan 22 2007 22:28 GMT SaoPaulo
What a sky!...
Jan 22 2007 22:52 GMT Minz PRO
Great capture - love the colour contrast !
Jan 22 2007 23:12 GMT potterjo
great shot like the contrast between the bird and the sky
Jan 23 2007 02:19 GMT ashdad PRO
Love the ruffled feathers!
Jan 23 2007 04:40 GMT rohtas
lovely...... you seems to be enjoying the wildlife now a days too much.... such a inspirational photos to go and shoot like this.... -:)
Jan 23 2007 08:41 GMT kosmos PRO
Really great capture :)
Jan 23 2007 08:57 GMT NeiK
Stunning capture my friend! The blue of the sky and the black of the bird go so well together.
Jan 23 2007 11:04 GMT Flier
He/she likes to look at things from above!
me too... ;-)))
Jan 23 2007 16:34 GMT vipe
Funny looking bird, Great shot!!
Jan 23 2007 17:14 GMT fredaH
what bird is that?
funny looking bird...
beautiful capture.
Jan 23 2007 17:38 GMT Scarlett PRO
Fabulous capture Benny ! Like Freda, I would like to know the name of this stunning black bird ! Beautiful composition between black bird and blue sky ! ;)
Jan 23 2007 17:46 GMT bennystr
Freda & Scarlett: It's a Cormorant.
Jan 23 2007 17:52 GMT wifey
I love these birds… so interesting when they swim… no oil in their feathers so they sink right down and all you see is their head… great!
Jan 23 2007 18:21 GMT genese
the trouble i and i am sure many people have with birds that are black is the eyes never get seen... i have given up on them lol
great capture benny
Jan 23 2007 19:47 GMT Scarlett PRO
Thank you Benny !! I'm amazed ! ;)
Jan 23 2007 23:32 GMT Archer
Either it was windy or cold judging by the bird’s feather but it surly was a great moment for a great catch!
Jan 25 2007 14:09 GMT Panda52
Excellent series!!!
Jan 25 2007 22:47 GMT rosyapple PRO
He is on sentry duty! Brilliant photo! You have run out of space on your fox image - so i will comment here - an excellent pose for this shy animal - you have captured him well!
Jan 26 2007 14:01 GMT fawn
You really have reason to be proud of this one!!!! Beautifully done :)