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Practicing High key studio lighting, model: Gali. ..........(2/3)

Everything worked by the plan, but something was missing…
We searched for the missing ingredient, something to spice the session…
To be continued…

Constructive critique is more than welcome.

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Comments on this photo:

Apr 10 2008 17:56 GMT mariolina
WONDEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her expression!!!
Apr 10 2008 17:58 GMT Cronos1
Apr 10 2008 17:58 GMT Pasifae
Well done! :)
Apr 10 2008 18:01 GMT Vargen
Outstanding work, dear friend!!!
This looks perfect to me...
Bravo!!! ;-)
Apr 10 2008 18:06 GMT Hamin PRO
This series is what I call a Cosmo / Vogue series !
Apr 10 2008 18:13 GMT jonAt
Looking very coy! Nice shot!
Apr 10 2008 18:29 GMT hallo
Best of all...very well done!
Apr 10 2008 18:40 GMT sayalio
Neat job, as ever!
Apr 10 2008 18:45 GMT Doody PRO
Work to be proud of Benny- looks like our wildlife photographer has hidden studio talents...
Apr 10 2008 18:58 GMT sini
Cute expression!:)
Apr 10 2008 19:03 GMT marijke06
so sharp...
you've told here it wasn't your cam...there was one there....which kind?
Apr 10 2008 19:06 GMT bennystr
Be patient my friend, you'll find out soon... :-)
Apr 10 2008 19:07 GMT dcz
I love this serie. genial
Apr 10 2008 19:07 GMT otilia
exelente toma, exelente modelo
Apr 10 2008 19:11 GMT marijke06
I am not npatient at all :))
Apr 10 2008 19:16 GMT larrybenedict
Benny.....you keep us on the edge of our seats. Take a vacation from the birds for a while...you have found your calling!!!!! "A pretty girl is like a melody"...song by Irving Berlin---------picture by Bennystr!!!
Apr 10 2008 19:16 GMT pauli3522
pretty nice girl and pic...
Apr 10 2008 19:18 GMT garynumber1cleaner
not one to be a crytic... have browsed series ..all crisp / clear .. nice pics ;-)
Apr 10 2008 19:19 GMT Tavascarow
Apr 10 2008 19:41 GMT beus PRO
What beautiful work again!!!!
Apr 10 2008 19:47 GMT Carlimauda
I agree Doody!
Apr 10 2008 19:55 GMT jamby PRO
you keep up the excellent work in studio shots and portraits my dear friend...soon...we will be looking forward for a tutorial thread in a forum from you about studio shots....who knows would be an addition feature for Fotothing...:-)
Apr 10 2008 19:58 GMT linnywv PRO
Wow.......I agree with jamby! I'm ready for it!
Apr 10 2008 20:11 GMT kajjiek
great series benny ....
Apr 10 2008 20:32 GMT Twiggs
Apr 10 2008 20:36 GMT twsottawan PRO
These high key detailless backgrounds work well. The detail at the base of the photo gives it some grounding, but I think if you air brush the details out of the wrinkles and make it smoth with just some fine texture, it would be better.
Apr 11 2008 00:51 GMT jceca PRO
expression of a little girl here ... very lovely !!!
Apr 11 2008 06:28 GMT senna3
Yes, fantastic capture of expression indeed!
Apr 11 2008 22:38 GMT Archer
Great expression! Love the series!
Apr 13 2008 18:00 GMT hbla PRO
ahhh, I see what you guys came up with in the next photo lol.

good series. I'm jealous of these classes you are taking.
Apr 14 2008 03:30 GMT Milibuh
Congratulations Benny !!