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Comments on this photo:

Oct 27 2005 18:41 GMT Gotterdammerung
great piece of work, you took beautiful pic
Oct 28 2005 19:25 GMT EliGuy
Wonderful. So that's your first step in the fotothing jurney... nice!
Oct 28 2005 19:26 GMT EliGuy
By the way I never new that zufiot can have that color! I thought they must be shining blue hues on black...
Oct 28 2005 19:29 GMT bennystr
Thats the female.
Jan 22 2006 04:03 GMT callista
Great pic !
Mar 17 2006 09:46 GMT d6dana
congratulations for all
Apr 11 2006 22:52 GMT Milibuh
Perfect ...
Aug 20 2006 21:37 GMT Maaya
...............yesssssss.............perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 29 2006 17:45 GMT LizSA
perfect....... I only caught up with your off period now....sorry to hear you will not
be on FT for a loong time....we will miss you dear Benny...you are so part of our lives....come back save.....!!!
Nov 01 2006 20:54 GMT barr
Feb 09 2007 20:13 GMT klingklingeling
i took a look to all your pictures now and there is no picture where i could see you. But i saw some shots i have some similars of :-) :-) Your Pictures are very good.
Nov 19 2007 00:26 GMT linnywv PRO
I was curious to see your first shot...........you've ALWAYS been great at this, huh?
Dec 01 2007 19:29 GMT sourdos
Dec 08 2007 20:17 GMT sene
Just beautiful!
Jan 25 2008 16:49 GMT gentletouch PRO
As has been said, "The journey of a thousand photos begins with the first one." :) Great capture.
Nov 07 2008 20:29 GMT crazyboat
Your first and your best
Apr 11 2010 12:59 GMT Edelweiss1851
I am so jeolous :-)) Whenever I approach them. .... They fly away. Great picture.