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Wednesday I came back to visit the Cormorants and met the Pied Kingfisher that showed me his fish...


Wednesday I came back to visit the Cormorants and met the Pied Kingfisher that showed me his fishing skills. In this series you'll see the same bird fluttering over the water looking for his meal. I invite you to choose your favorite cause I couldn't 1/4
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 24 2006 16:03 GMT bela02
I choose this one! Is perfect! :O) His body is looks very good that way it is!
Feb 24 2006 16:04 GMT RainyDay
i like this one the best!
Feb 24 2006 16:35 GMT Elly
All the pictures are great, but this one is the greatest! ;-)
Position of wings is best in this one, but I like the others too.
Feb 24 2006 17:13 GMT fey
I love all the images .........
very difficult to choose...........
but something about this ...........
it has elegance .........beauty .....................
the spreading of the wings...........
actually i love all of them...........
but if i have to choose this is the one for me.................
Feb 24 2006 17:16 GMT lieke
very lovely series...and this bird is really special
Feb 24 2006 17:22 GMT tata28
i think this one is my fave.........great capture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 24 2006 17:45 GMT Satto
Love all the images...they are soooo....good..:-)
But this one I love most for that is so much action..:-)
Feb 24 2006 18:20 GMT ACL
It is a great serie . They are all good but I like this most! Would love to see such a bird in real life!!!!!
Feb 24 2006 18:35 GMT iyerhari
Great series of Pied Kingfisher, you are one among the luckiest!
Feb 24 2006 18:36 GMT soldier
Feb 24 2006 19:26 GMT puppra
I am overwhelmed!
Feb 24 2006 23:56 GMT DGM
This is the best!

Good luck!!!
Feb 25 2006 12:24 GMT Poulet PRO
Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really hard to choose! But, if I have to, I choose this shot, Benny!! :))
Feb 25 2006 16:41 GMT santolina
A gorgeous shot!!!!
Feb 25 2006 18:32 GMT bojtorjan
Great capture!
Mar 05 2006 19:19 GMT Sterretje
yes, I also believe this one' s the best of the 4
very beautiful
thanks for your comment! I see you are also a bird (animal) lover :o)