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Studio session... 2/x

Constructive critique is more than welcome

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 21 2008 20:01 GMT x19bex92x
you have a beautiful model benny :)

great shot...!
Mar 21 2008 20:11 GMT jamby PRO
as a good friend...I'm not so sure if it's just me...but I think...she is sitting in an awkward position here...she's not really comfortable...and I don't know if you can fix the lightings on her left eye...anyways...other than that...I think you did a great job overall!
Mar 21 2008 20:18 GMT bennystr
She's not meant to be comfortable, she's trying to express distress, i think she did a great job doing it...
Considering the role and the situation, I quite like the lighting on her left eye...
Thanks for a sincere critique, i appreciate it!
Mar 21 2008 20:20 GMT peterpinhole
Agree with Jamby....a bit of an awkward pose making her head look too large ...I think I prefer the lighting in the previous shot as well.Pretty model!!
Have a great weekend!!!
Mar 21 2008 20:25 GMT Kaska
as if she was trying to say something at that moment...
I like that a lot...
Mar 21 2008 20:30 GMT bennystr
It was more like a desperate cry...
Mar 21 2008 20:52 GMT sayalio
Work of great photographer!
Mar 21 2008 20:54 GMT Seth4605
Great shot Benny, if I have had the privilege to shoot this lovely model in a studio, I would have tried to express her lovely hair with a tiny flash above her head….!!!!
Mar 21 2008 20:56 GMT marioalbertina
Beautiful work!
But I prefer the birds! At least in photography !
Mar 21 2008 21:04 GMT bennystr
Thanks for the tip Seth, Actually there was a flash which lit her hair, that's the flash who caused the flair on the left side, I kind of liked that flair and chose to leave it...
It looks a bit better in the original size...
Mar 21 2008 21:42 GMT jonAt
Another great shot- been back and forward between the two and think I prefer the b+w version, maybe it's just the position or did the lighting change?
Mar 21 2008 22:11 GMT Haw59 PRO
I am ok with the lighting. I just think she looks less distress in this picture. The BW looked more distressed.
Mar 21 2008 22:38 GMT mariazinha32
beautiful one...love her expression...like she´s trying to say something
Mar 22 2008 01:49 GMT LizSA
your model has lovley arms.....

yes... she is also a good actor.... I read your reply to Jamby and understand her
Mar 22 2008 02:04 GMT yycn
I like the way she's posed ... the way she leans toward the camera ... and the lighting also. Super shot.
Mar 22 2008 06:49 GMT sini
The b&w I like better...I think it's not the lighting, but the pose, why the previous one is more impressive..
Mar 22 2008 09:18 GMT Cronos1
I like it, Benny !!!
Mar 22 2008 13:14 GMT Poulet PRO
Great shot but I preferred the B&W one. :))
Mar 22 2008 19:42 GMT Archer
That's really great studio series!
Mar 22 2008 20:33 GMT eleni78 PRO
beautiful series, nice use of light
Mar 22 2008 20:56 GMT dcz
fantastic and great serie. I love this one
Mar 22 2008 22:09 GMT Jettline
I like the contrasts here!
Mar 22 2008 23:44 GMT Peixy
Love this one the most...wonderful!!!!
Mar 23 2008 11:01 GMT Kalina
Mar 24 2008 13:31 GMT genese
i think seths right a little more defused flash to the hair and left side would lift the image/ model even more! as for the silly comments about the model looking uncomfortable .. lol maybe best i say nothing about that.. what sort of studio lighting were you using? .. when shooting models i find lighting from the back and front works better even if the lightings low to get the effect you have above just enough to bring out the high and low lights of the skin tones!
Mar 24 2008 13:41 GMT bennystr
Thanks Genese, I was using 3 flashes to construct what we call the classic light circle.
There was a flash on the front/right side, a reflector on the front left/side. Another flash was on the up back/left side towards the hair, and the last one was an effect flash creating the moon on the black background.
Mar 24 2008 17:44 GMT Gotterdammerung
I like the light on her face, her skin is so smooth, but the photo says nothing. It's a good pohotography, but quite useless.
Mar 24 2008 20:11 GMT genese
deleted comment i felt the above poster was rude and unfounded ... not my place to say but comments like that are not critique and not helpful
Mar 25 2008 11:02 GMT Gotterdammerung
Genese why do you think the comment is rude? Check my all comments on Benny's photos. He's a great photographer, now starting a new subject, definitely different than nature. I believe the aim of studio photography is to show, not only the model, but the hidden feelings, emotions, the photo must express something. Benny did it very good in some other pics from the session and because he's talented we (the viewers) should comment objectively to help him reach the excellence.
Mar 25 2008 14:31 GMT genese
Gotterdammerung i read your comment and felt "useless" was neither helpful or critique but that was my humble opinion as this is yours, I feel critique is there to help people progress and words like useless can knock peoples confidence! ( my personal opinion as a photographer and teacher)
ie my critique for this photo would have gone something along these lines
benny the image has been very well taken i feel a little more lighting to the models face wouldn't have gone a miss, with the models mouth open it would suggest this was the emphasis on the mouth ( your focal point ) so maybe lighting the models mouth area would have worked better, rather than saying useless as there is no such thing as a useless image ... i would have simply said that i was not sure of the composition and choice of pose... i wasnt attacking you just simply trying to help with critique ...
another option to learn more about critique is visit www.phototopix.com as they are teaching critique there?