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An image that I snapped while everyone else's attention was occupied with an exceptionally beautiful waterfall. Tried to record what I was feeling in verse(I actually bought a small note pad for this purpose) ,but nothing of those fragmented thoughts and notions ever made it to my pen. Reckon I'll leave the prose to the pro's untill I can get my hillbilly ass into school.
I intentionally left the "less-than-picturesque" foreground in the image in an attempt to emulate the free-style form(kinda a well designed snapshot) exhibited by some of my favorite FT photographers.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 02 2008 02:14 GMT misscharlie52
OK, so we liked the #$%@ waterfall ( amateurs that we are ) but I was the one that got of that godforsaken mountain....
Guess it was not good for you to be deprived of your daily beer dose, you getting all kinds of wiered! No more trips for you boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 02 2008 02:44 GMT beercanpoet
LOL!!! Na, I think it was the mountain air that got me all sentimental and wierd'n shit, like it always does....just need more of it....say next weekend????
How was your trip to the Yak????
Jun 02 2008 03:35 GMT misscharlie52
Stop thinking about Jeff, he left both of us and that is the end of it. I'll get a grip on it and so should you...
Jun 02 2008 06:46 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful place and very good photographed my friend, perfect foreground and mountains panorama, love this view in B&W!
Jun 02 2008 10:16 GMT voodoo23
weired place!
Jun 02 2008 17:33 GMT LisaSam67
it works
Jun 03 2008 18:14 GMT bennystr
A beauty!
Jun 04 2008 22:47 GMT beercanpoet
(to misscharlie52)
grumble grumble grumble......
Jun 04 2008 22:49 GMT beercanpoet
Thanks Claudia!!!
I grew up running around hills like these. They hold a lot of fond memories for me
Jun 04 2008 22:54 GMT beercanpoet
Hey voodoo!
Native Americans of this region used the word "skookum" to express such ideas. This particular area was very "skookum" indeed!
Jun 04 2008 22:54 GMT beercanpoet
Thanks Lisa!!!
Jun 04 2008 22:55 GMT beercanpoet
Thanks Benny!!!
Jun 06 2008 22:24 GMT otilia
Jun 06 2008 22:39 GMT beercanpoet
Thanks otilia!!
Jun 07 2008 15:21 GMT beercanpoet
Thanks Magenta!!!
You saw it!!! Encouragingley cool!
Being alone, surrounded by such scenes of "chaos and serenity", awakens the "primal mind" and produces an indescribable feeling.....a feeling I try to capture through this medium.
Thank you for your observations!!!!!
Jun 10 2008 21:56 GMT moniqe
great bw view :)
Jun 13 2008 04:47 GMT beercanpoet
Thanks Moniqe!!!