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Tags somerset


I found Lots of these nice to see not all changes are for the Better ;-]
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 30 2008 20:54 GMT jamby PRO
yes...so nice to see old stuffs like this....well-done Bazz!
Sep 30 2008 20:57 GMT markkirby
nice pic!!!
Sep 30 2008 21:09 GMT bazer PRO
Jamby Even in the more remote Spots they Have Huge signs saying No Coins inside to Stop the Thieves ....... Sad Reflection of the Times we live in Sadly People still Pee in Them Glad i Have a MB LOL ;-];-];-]]]]]]]]]
Sep 30 2008 21:10 GMT bazer PRO
Thank You MK Reminds me of My Child Hood ;-];-]]]]]]]]
Oct 01 2008 20:07 GMT bazer PRO
Hi My Star Yes Some Things should Be Left well alone Have a great week ;-];-];-]]]]]
Oct 02 2008 20:14 GMT pauli3522
does it work??? i think nobody uses those telephones now..
Oct 02 2008 20:26 GMT garynumber1cleaner
I agree... still prominent in london (tourists attraction) and scattered around country as you found here... they are like the old buses... i miss jumping on and off the rear near side platform ...
btw... I have a very old pic of me hanging on one of these phone boxes while my mother was inside on the phone ...lol :-)
Oct 03 2008 20:37 GMT bazer PRO
Yes Still Works ........ there are lots of them ;-];-];]]]]]]]
Oct 03 2008 20:39 GMT bazer PRO
Hi GN1C iys like the Big Red Post Boxes there is something `````just Right about Them "=]'=]'=]]]]
Oct 25 2008 19:33 GMT otilia
very very lovely
Oct 25 2008 19:38 GMT bazer PRO
Hello Ptilia Its in Priddy Somerset and yes V beautiful ;-];-]]]]]] Thank you for the Vist ;-]