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device birdfeeder


It's the patented birdfeederhookerupper device...a 6ft cane with an elastic band round the end to stop the bottle from sliding off when the cane is lifted up in the air...much safer than walking on the stones above the wall :))
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 10 2012 18:32 GMT Annamaria
Thats a very clever solution, barbara!! Great shot of you...;-))
Feb 10 2012 18:43 GMT senna3
It took me some time to understand this device. Very clever indeed!
Feb 10 2012 18:52 GMT hallo
Is this birdfeederhookerupper device available on the market :))
Feb 10 2012 18:57 GMT saffi9
i want one
Feb 10 2012 21:54 GMT MargNZ
Much safer Barbara ! Great photo of you :))
Feb 10 2012 22:09 GMT bandsix
Thank you Anna-Maria....it's highly technical!!
Feb 10 2012 22:09 GMT bandsix
Thanks Peter...!
Feb 10 2012 22:10 GMT bandsix
Yes, for a very moderate price, too!!
Feb 10 2012 22:10 GMT bandsix
I'll see what I can do Dave!
Feb 10 2012 22:11 GMT bandsix
It is much safer Margaret...I usually have to hang on to tree branches when I'm walking along the stones...it's not really safe, so now I can do it much more easily!
Feb 10 2012 23:39 GMT martini957
I think I need a birdfeederhookerupper too...cool
Feb 11 2012 03:17 GMT T1MELESS PRO
You could try for a patent Barbara You never know your luck :-))
Feb 11 2012 03:25 GMT potterjo
Great idea, be careful it looks slick and you don't even have a coat on.
Feb 11 2012 08:41 GMT bandsix
Well, it's not patented yet Nancy, so go for it!
Feb 11 2012 08:41 GMT bandsix
thank you for the artistic comment hunju!!!
Feb 11 2012 08:42 GMT bandsix
You never do until you try Jim!!!
Feb 11 2012 08:43 GMT bandsix
Well, the cane actually doubles up as a super long walking aid for ice travel :))) so two jobs in one!!
Feb 11 2012 10:48 GMT skyball
A great idea Barbara!!,,and it looks like you have got the hang of it!!!!!:-))....
Feb 11 2012 11:16 GMT hans55 PRO
a very good idea !! ... now wait for the birds !! ...and your pictures of them !! :-)
Feb 11 2012 12:41 GMT bandsix
thanks Geoff.....!
Feb 11 2012 12:42 GMT bandsix
Thank you Hans...they don't fly far away when I go out...they sit on branches just above my head and as soon as I disappear they're back!!
Feb 11 2012 16:57 GMT elsje323
great idea!!
Feb 11 2012 17:35 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida...:)
Feb 12 2012 11:43 GMT wijnie58
Hi Barabara love to see you...Nice work you do...:-))
Feb 12 2012 14:10 GMT bandsix
Thanks Wijnie...it's almost a full-time job!
Feb 14 2012 19:09 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Nice to see you demonstrating your clever invention, Barbara, but I hope you didn't get frozen dressed like that!
Feb 14 2012 20:41 GMT bandsix
No Sylvia...I'm tough as old boots !!
Feb 16 2012 22:29 GMT legs4daze PRO
this is an adorable shot of those tough old boots my dear! and your 'thingy' invention is quite clever as well!
Feb 17 2012 16:07 GMT bandsix
thanks Steph! I used my invention this morning...no problem at all!!