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I fell for these stone shoebills at a country fair last weekend.....we had to carry them for about quarter of a mile back to the car......I almost needed resuscitating when we got them there.....!!
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 11 2013 16:36 GMT larrybenedict
I like them too, and they do look heavy for their size. Will you use them inside or outside?
Apr 11 2013 16:55 GMT elsje323
they are very nice, worth to carry them
Apr 11 2013 17:00 GMT saffi9
there great worth the effort
Apr 11 2013 17:35 GMT senna3
Congratulations with these beautiful sculptures!
Apr 11 2013 17:58 GMT bandsix
Thank you hunju..:)
Apr 11 2013 17:59 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Nice quirky little characters! I too would have been tempted to buy them.
Apr 11 2013 18:01 GMT bandsix
I was told that they had stood outside the back door of an old gentleman's home for the last fifty years, and now, sadly, he has had to enter an old people's home....so, they are now in my back garden and will be treasured....:)) I'd like to think I could look after them for fifty years, but that's not likely, so I'll have to appoint guardians for them I think......!
Apr 11 2013 18:01 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida!
Apr 11 2013 18:01 GMT bandsix
Thanks, Dave...I thought so too:)
Apr 11 2013 18:01 GMT bandsix
Thank you Peter...:)
Apr 11 2013 18:27 GMT Annamaria
I love them! They are great! They look heavy indeed!!

I can't find a translation for "shoebill"...what are they used for, or are they "just" decoration, Barbara?
Apr 11 2013 19:14 GMT skyball
They look like martin bro's ware!!..i bet you was puffed after the walk Barbara!!!!!.......
Apr 11 2013 20:47 GMT 25barb
They are most interesting. and heavy looking
I would have had to get a wagon to tote them back to the car
I know you have given them a good home and they will be well cared for.
But if you have another winter like this past one, you will have to bring them inside and place them by the fire.
Great photo.
Apr 11 2013 20:51 GMT bandsix
Thanks Anna-Maria......they are just for decoration.....there is a nice little video of some shoebills on YouTube ....they are related to storks according to some experts, and pelicans according to others........whatever, I like them!
Apr 11 2013 20:52 GMT bandsix
Thank you Sylvia.....I can resist everything except temptation.....(according to Oscar Wilde....!)
Apr 11 2013 20:53 GMT bandsix
That would be something, wouldn't it Geoff? I am sure if they had been, the dealer would have known....and then again.......you never know!
Apr 11 2013 20:55 GMT bandsix
Thank you Barb....I hadn't realised just how heavy they were when we decided to carry them to the car.....I would think twice about doing it again, but I am very happy with them...I think they'll have to take their chance with the coming winters!
Apr 11 2013 21:27 GMT MargNZ
The things we do on a whim Barbara ! I hope you got a bargain and enjoy them for a long time :))
Apr 12 2013 01:56 GMT T1MELESS PRO
You never know your luck Barbara :-))
Apr 12 2013 02:24 GMT potterjo
Great find, it is amazing how items will gain weight in transit.
Apr 12 2013 06:29 GMT Annamaria
Aha... silly me... I didn't understand it was the name of these birds... I thought it was the function they would have... thanks for explaining, Barbara!! ;-)
Apr 12 2013 08:43 GMT bandsix
Thanks, Margaret, they were worth the discomfort.......:)
Apr 12 2013 08:44 GMT bandsix
That's true, Jim, but I think the Martin brothers only produced ceramics and stoneware...these are real stone......and I felt every pound of their weight!
Apr 12 2013 08:45 GMT bandsix
Yes, Jo, they gained weight with every step!!
Apr 12 2013 08:47 GMT bandsix
Not silly at all, Anna-Maria, amazing that English is not your first language, yet you know everything that people write in the comments....I think that is brilliant!! (and I bet most of it you don't have to use a translator for.....)
Apr 12 2013 09:01 GMT Annamaria
I must be lucky, Barbara and fortunately I don't often use the translator.....! I just love the English language! ;-) Besides malkng comments in English, I am sending emails to some lovely, English speaking people so I am learning every day! ;-))
Apr 12 2013 15:30 GMT Papagena
A marvellous find !! Great you had strong forceps to carry them Barbara !!

Btw. So far I did see these birds only in our Zoo !! ;+))
Apr 12 2013 17:17 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ruth.....I haven't ever seen a real one, but I did see a very good photograph of one today in the newspaper:))
Apr 12 2013 17:48 GMT hallo
You know exactly what to go for Barbara, a great bye for your money :)
Apr 13 2013 06:52 GMT bandsix
Thank you Samir...I think they were a bargain....how can you put a price on the pleasure something gives you?
Apr 15 2013 21:36 GMT wijnie58
They are lovely, Barbara..:-))
Apr 16 2013 03:17 GMT linnywv PRO
They're great!
Apr 17 2013 20:08 GMT bandsix
Thanks Wijnie, I love them:)
Apr 17 2013 20:08 GMT bandsix
Thank you!