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Some of the wool tops laid out ready for felting with olive oil soap and warm water, in order to make a piece of textile that can be hand and machine stitched....this is from a book I borrowed from the library this week... I shall do my own composition next time:)
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 09 2012 19:17 GMT Donjames
Wow Barbara....you are so talented with this kind of craft....
Nov 09 2012 19:31 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
This is beautiful work. You are very artistically talanted
Nov 09 2012 19:41 GMT Annamaria
This is beautiful, Barbara!! I have no idea how it is made when I read " olive oil soap and warm water...".... but the results are beautiful! I have never seen this before!!
Nov 09 2012 20:58 GMT saffi9
looking forward to seeing your own attempt barbara , no pressure but i know it will be good :)
Nov 09 2012 21:35 GMT will
really nice, Barbara..)
Nov 10 2012 04:25 GMT hallo
Beautiful fluffy colors and effect, although I have no idea what it is :)
Nov 10 2012 09:47 GMT skyball
Interesting series Barbara!!!!!!.......
Nov 10 2012 10:02 GMT wijnie58
Wonderful, Barbara..:-))
Nov 10 2012 13:37 GMT martini957
Very interesting...looking forward to seeing your own
Nov 10 2012 13:47 GMT Lie
Great...we wait for your own creation.....
Nov 10 2012 13:54 GMT bandsix
Not talent Don, just wool, water, soap and elbow grease!!
Nov 10 2012 13:54 GMT bandsix
Thanks Mary, but see comment to Don:)))
Nov 10 2012 13:55 GMT bandsix
It's very easy Anna-Maria...just takes time and patience.....:))
Nov 10 2012 13:55 GMT bandsix
Thanks Dave...your comment is so nice!
Nov 10 2012 13:56 GMT bandsix
Thank you Will....:)
Nov 10 2012 13:57 GMT bandsix
It's a work in progress Samir, that's just at the 'laying out' stage (I sound like an undertaker!) it needs felting and then it could be anything - felt painting, journal cover etc...the only limit is the imagination:))
Nov 10 2012 13:58 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff..I think it is important to keep crafts alive in this age of mechanisation and a throw-away society:)
Nov 10 2012 14:45 GMT hallo
Bravo Barbara. I also keep doings things, but my materials need sawing drilling hammering...etc. It keeps one young doing things and filling time with something useful :)
Nov 10 2012 17:18 GMT hans55 PRO
very creative !!!
Nov 11 2012 03:55 GMT potterjo
Have fun, looks interesting. Be sure and post the end result. I have a wool felt hat that the artist knits and then felts...It is so warm that I don't wear it often.
Nov 11 2012 08:39 GMT bandsix
Yes, I know you do, Samir, and I have seen the results of your beautiful handiwork...I think all FTers are artistic...:))
Nov 11 2012 08:39 GMT bandsix
Thank you Hans..:)
Nov 11 2012 08:40 GMT bandsix
Thanks Jo, I am hoping to embellish the felt today..a bit of hand and machine stitching, but then again, if it's fine, there are bulbs and plants waiting to be planted in the garden...so much to do, so little time....:)))
Nov 11 2012 09:18 GMT MargNZ
Great to see the old crafts retained by artistic people like yourself Barbara ... looking forward to seeing your composition :)
Nov 11 2012 14:50 GMT bandsix
Thanks Margaret.....it may take a little while....i have a grasshopper mind:)
Nov 11 2012 15:01 GMT Papagena
I just agree with Margaret !! ;°)
Nov 11 2012 15:03 GMT bandsix