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This house once belonged to my Head of Department's mother.....I used to covet the door knocker:))
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 03 2013 07:20 GMT Foggydew
It's a beauty!
Apr 03 2013 08:26 GMT skyball
Reminds me of the song!!,,the green door!!...cant remember who used to sing it....nice catch Barbara!!:-))
Apr 03 2013 09:48 GMT Papagena
A fabulous contribution to Anna-Maria's doorclub Barbara !! I like these little plants at each side !!
But I haven't had the pleasure to knock at a door so far......
Apr 03 2013 11:37 GMT bandsix
Thanks Foggy:)
Apr 03 2013 11:38 GMT bandsix
It was Frankie Vaughan, Geoff, and it made me think of him, too:)
Apr 03 2013 11:38 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ruth.......:)
Apr 03 2013 12:07 GMT skyball
Thanks Barbara!!..I will be able to sleep tonight now i know!!:-)).
Apr 03 2013 12:38 GMT peterpinhole
Great curb apeal and yes, an elegant knocker!
Apr 03 2013 12:45 GMT linnywv PRO
I would like to have this door!!!!
Apr 03 2013 14:02 GMT 25barb
I agree with Peter. great curb appeal... The door knocker looks great against the
green door.
Nice lighting too...
Apr 03 2013 14:25 GMT hans55 PRO
a beautiful door !!
Apr 03 2013 14:31 GMT wijnie58
Indeed a lovely door, Barbara..:-))
Apr 03 2013 17:21 GMT Annamaria
Thats a beautiful door, Barbara!!

Please change the TAG into "annamariasdoorsclub".... ;-))
Apr 03 2013 18:52 GMT senna3
Fantastic entry for the Door Club!
Apr 04 2013 02:21 GMT potterjo
Very nice, I noticed it had a name too. Love the way people name their farms and houses.
Apr 04 2013 02:40 GMT larrybenedict
I don't think I have ever seen this color door in the U.S. I haven't seen blue doors either. Over here, red seems a popular color for a door....that, or varnished natural wood, which is what I have (that needs re-finishing!)
Apr 04 2013 14:11 GMT bandsix
Thank you Peter...;)
Apr 04 2013 14:11 GMT bandsix
I'll ship it over to you:)
Apr 04 2013 14:11 GMT bandsix
Thank you barb.....:)
Apr 04 2013 14:11 GMT bandsix
Thank you Hans...:)
Apr 04 2013 14:12 GMT bandsix
and thank you Wijnie:)
Apr 04 2013 14:12 GMT bandsix
Thanks a lot, hunju!
Apr 04 2013 14:12 GMT bandsix
Thank you Peter...:)
Apr 04 2013 14:13 GMT bandsix
Thanks Anna-Maria, tag now changed!
Apr 04 2013 14:13 GMT bandsix
Thank you Jo....there are some unusual names around...:)
Apr 04 2013 14:14 GMT bandsix
It's quite a statement, that green, isn't it? Not a colour I would pick, too strong for my taste, but I think it looks well where it is.....my front door is green, but a much more muted green..perhaps I should be more adventurous! Time to get yours finished....!
Apr 04 2013 17:12 GMT elsje323
beautiful door
Apr 04 2013 18:06 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ida...:)
Apr 04 2013 19:45 GMT MargNZ
A most charming doorway Barbara .... love all the details :))
Apr 04 2013 20:17 GMT Annamaria
The colour of my frontdoor is almost this colour... but i can't choose my own colour... ;-(

Otherwise I would have choosen some nice blue colour.... I guess I am a "blue-colour-person".... ;-))
Apr 04 2013 21:22 GMT bandsix
Thanks Margaret......:)
Apr 04 2013 21:23 GMT bandsix
I should have guessed you would be a "blue colour person" :)))
Apr 05 2013 15:12 GMT larrybenedict
I prefer lower value (light reflection) colors myself for door colors. I've seen very dark green doors over here, but almost never bright colors of any hue.....except; black and brown skinned people over here use a lot of bright paint on their houses.
Apr 06 2013 15:46 GMT T1MELESS PRO
And what is going on behind the green door.:-) nice find Barbara PS love the knocker !!!
Apr 06 2013 21:27 GMT annieann PRO
reminds me of the song . nice shot
Apr 07 2013 13:41 GMT bandsix
Me too....:)
Apr 07 2013 13:41 GMT bandsix
Now that I don't know, Jim....:))
Apr 07 2013 13:42 GMT bandsix
Thank you annieann...I think it reminded quite a few of us:)
Apr 07 2013 17:08 GMT sini
Lovely green door!:)
Apr 07 2013 17:14 GMT bandsix
thank you:)
Apr 11 2013 19:55 GMT Bellavista
tempting knocker indeed! :-)
Apr 11 2013 20:49 GMT bandsix
I always liked it ....surprised it is still on the door!