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Tags silk scarf


This is a silk scarf I made..I have just sent it to the friend we stayed with in the Highlands recently...here's hoping the colours suit her (she went to 'Colour me Beautiful' and they apparently give advice as to what's right and what's not....) only £90 a throw!!
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 29 2011 17:28 GMT FLUMP
That's a very beautiful scarf, you obviously have bags of talent....I had that 'colour me beautiful' thrown in free on a works course but avoided it - fancy paying that amount of money when you can look in a mirror! (nuff said!!!)
Jun 29 2011 17:30 GMT bandsix
No talent required for this one Helen, really....just a piece of white silk, an empty pop bottle, a bit of string and some dyes....easy peasy...shouldn't give all my secrets away I suppose...yeah, I have bags of talent!!
Jun 29 2011 17:30 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
It's lovely, and I think those colours would suit most people.
I'm always doing that service for free - trying to persuade some of my black and beige-loving friends to be wear something colourful!
Jun 29 2011 17:32 GMT bandsix
Thanks you Sylvia...i can't wear black or beige, I'm afraid...I found that out by doing a Helen and looking in the mirror...black makes me look like a professional mourner, and beige makes me look as though I will need one myself!!
Jun 29 2011 17:39 GMT FLUMP
Oh dear...i wear black at work every day!!
Jun 29 2011 17:41 GMT bandsix
Expect you are a blonde and I bet it suits you...are you an undertaker ?:)) just kidding, I would guess you work in banking or insurance ....
Jun 29 2011 17:44 GMT FLUMP
Technically i'm a brunette - just have lots of grey now!!
Jun 29 2011 17:47 GMT bandsix
Technically, I was, too...but look at it now!! Mind you it has been going that way since my early thirties.....!
Jun 29 2011 20:45 GMT Studio88
Great Taste - I Love the Colors - You'll make her Very Happy ;-)
Jun 29 2011 20:50 GMT bandsix
I hope so, Howard!
Jun 30 2011 02:40 GMT potterjo
Well I like the colors... I don't know about across the pond but a lot of people don't have mirrors by the way they go out in public. : )
Jun 30 2011 07:25 GMT Sheila PRO
Were the colours in this inspired by the previous pic?
Jun 30 2011 08:28 GMT bandsix
thanks Jo....I think you are spot on there! And mirrors to see the back view wouldn't go amiss in some cases, either :))
Jun 30 2011 08:29 GMT bandsix
No Sheila, I made this scarf a little while ago...I always tend to use the same sort of colours, though I have tried branching out into reds and yellows - but I always finish up putting 'my' colours over the top!
Jun 30 2011 17:56 GMT Annamaria
Wow! Thats a beautiful scarf, Barbara!! I bet she will be happy with it...I just loooove those colours....;-))
Jun 30 2011 21:08 GMT bandsix
Thank you Anna-Maria, they are my favourites too :)