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Anyone need vampires banishing?
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 04 2013 16:44 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
They never show their faces round here - obviously because of all the garlic I use!
Very nice artistic shot, Barbara!
Feb 04 2013 17:01 GMT 25barb
Great photo very well defined and presented.. They say garlic is good for the health
But is not good for 'kissing' I also heard. he he But love endures all things.....
Nice soft lighting....
Feb 04 2013 18:16 GMT elsje323
nice shot
Feb 04 2013 18:21 GMT Lie
Don't believe in that, but I like garlic....
Feb 04 2013 18:34 GMT hallo

You've done a great job Barbara, even vampires will be tempted :)

Feb 04 2013 18:36 GMT Labkhand
perfect concoction
Feb 04 2013 19:01 GMT bandsix
I'm pleased to hear it, Sylvia...good stuff isn't it?
Feb 04 2013 20:08 GMT skyball
I dont know about vampires but you have banished me!!:-((...:-))..nice one Barbara!!!!....
Feb 04 2013 21:20 GMT junne PRO
very artistic,
wouldn't want to be without it
Feb 04 2013 21:26 GMT bandsix
Thank you Barb, I am sure it's good for health...and as long as you have both eaten garlic, it cancels it out...just not pleasant for others!
Feb 04 2013 21:26 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida:)
Feb 04 2013 21:27 GMT bandsix
You don't believe in it, Lie? You like garlic, so I expect you aren't troubled by vampires:))))
Feb 04 2013 21:27 GMT bandsix
haha, thank you Samir!
Feb 04 2013 21:27 GMT bandsix
Thank you Labkhand!
Feb 04 2013 21:28 GMT bandsix
Not for long, I hope, Geoff!
Feb 04 2013 21:28 GMT bandsix
Thanks junne....essential in almost everything!
Feb 04 2013 22:19 GMT abojovna PRO
Very nice sort of red garlic!
Feb 04 2013 22:34 GMT wijnie58
I like a lot of garlic in my food, Barbara..:-))
Feb 04 2013 23:27 GMT larrybenedict
Garlic also kills 26 known viruses, and probably a host of others!
Feb 05 2013 01:33 GMT potterjo
No vampires here. I grow 4 30ft rows every year. Is this a painting or did you play with a photo?
Feb 05 2013 05:38 GMT Annamaria
No vampires here, Barbara! ;-)) Nice work!!
Feb 05 2013 12:25 GMT bandsix
Thank you Claudia....:)
Feb 05 2013 12:26 GMT bandsix
So do I, Wijnie.....!
Feb 05 2013 12:27 GMT bandsix
Almost like the bleach adverts....'kills 99% of known germs' !! Garlic is a nicer way to do it, though.....:)
Feb 05 2013 12:28 GMT bandsix
How wonderful to grow so much garlic! I have tried for two years in succession without any success at all! and it's a photo that I have played about with:))
Feb 05 2013 12:28 GMT bandsix
Definitely vampire-less! Thanks Anna-Maria!
Feb 05 2013 15:30 GMT Bellavista
One of my fav food!!! hmmm.... toast with garlic....garlic in everything... even with honey..!
well presented pic Barbara!
Feb 05 2013 23:04 GMT larrybenedict
Just buy some garlic in the fall of the year (at the market) and plant it then....if the ground doesn't freeze where you live. Otherwise, plant it in the very early spring. Plant the depth of the clove itself.
Feb 06 2013 17:47 GMT senna3
Unique composition!
Feb 06 2013 18:36 GMT bandsix
Thank you....half gone, now!
Feb 06 2013 18:37 GMT bandsix
Thanks Bea....I know garlic is really good for us...good job I love it, too...though I've never had it with honey! (and I love honey, as well....:))
Feb 06 2013 18:38 GMT bandsix
Thanks Larry...I have tried every which way, but still have been unsuccessful...if it's not the cold that gets it, it's the non stop rain!
Feb 06 2013 20:58 GMT Zodyak
Nice presentation :)
Feb 10 2013 23:03 GMT pauli3522
Feb 11 2013 16:48 GMT bandsix
Thank you Zodyak.....:)
Feb 11 2013 16:48 GMT bandsix