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Another of Mary Berry's dessert recipes...plum and marzipan tarte tatin...this is the second one I have made this week:)) I can recommend it!
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 05 2014 17:48 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
It looks absolutely scrumptious, Barbara!
Apr 05 2014 17:59 GMT Lalbabu
Looks some of our Indian sweets !!!!
Apr 05 2014 18:11 GMT skyball
Gulp!!.another 7lb Barbara!!:-))...great for the theme:-))
Apr 05 2014 18:57 GMT julie13
Very nice :)
Apr 05 2014 20:36 GMT Bellavista
Awwww.. may I come to taste it?? Please!! :-))
Apr 05 2014 21:09 GMT Papagena
Mmmmmmmmh, you had really a sweet Saturday, and perhaps a sweet Sunday too if there is a piece left, Barbara !! ;+))
Apr 05 2014 21:10 GMT bandsix
Thanks Sylvia, it was lovely with creme fraiche:))
Apr 05 2014 21:11 GMT bandsix
Thank you Lalbabu:)
Apr 05 2014 21:11 GMT bandsix
Back on the 5:2 diet on Monday, Geoff...so not too worried!!
Apr 05 2014 21:11 GMT bandsix
Thanks Julie:)
Apr 05 2014 21:12 GMT bandsix
Of course!!
Apr 05 2014 21:12 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ruth...there is a very small piece left...we shall share it tomorrow!
Apr 05 2014 23:01 GMT pauli3522
i am hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Apr 05 2014 23:55 GMT larrybenedict
5:2 diet???? The first question that popped up in my mind. Are "tarts" tart? I doesn't look tart. :-) It looks "lie down to eat it" good.
Apr 06 2014 06:11 GMT MargNZ
Delicious dessert treat Barbara :)
Apr 06 2014 10:34 GMT Annamaria
They looks dlicious, Barbara!! Its a good thing that I am not living cose to you otherwise I would be running to your house at this moment to taste one...;-))
Apr 06 2014 12:43 GMT bandsix
Apr 06 2014 12:49 GMT bandsix
The 5:2 diet is very popular here, having been endorsed by a qualified doctor who is now a medical journalist......the idea is you have restricted calories for two days per week (men 600 calories and women 500) and the rest of the week you eat exactly what you want......and it works!
As to the 'tart' question......a 'tart' is a pastry based dish with an uncovered filling, so no pastry lid on the top.....and it wasn't tart at all.....it was really very nice!
Apr 06 2014 12:49 GMT bandsix
Thank you Margaret......:)
Apr 06 2014 12:50 GMT bandsix
It was very nice, Anna-Maria, thank you.....and if you came to eat some, you could also do the 5:2 diet afterwards!
Apr 06 2014 19:17 GMT Annamaria
Barbara, even the 2:5 diet that I do, doesn't work for me.... I guess it must be 0:7 for me ;-(
Apr 06 2014 20:45 GMT Zodyak
looks very delicious :)
Apr 06 2014 20:51 GMT georgygirl2
send some this way then!
Apr 07 2014 09:39 GMT bandsix
haha! Don't stop eating...you won't have the energy to take photos!
Apr 07 2014 09:47 GMT bandsix
It was, thank you Zodyak:)
Apr 07 2014 09:47 GMT bandsix
Too late was the cry! All gone...again:)