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This is what happens when you shut the boot lid on your sunglasses....not a good look....
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 25 2014 17:21 GMT hallo
A good excuse to buy a new one :)
Jul 25 2014 20:10 GMT hans55 PRO
nice for a picture !! :-)
Jul 25 2014 21:38 GMT bandsix
Well, there's always a bonus to these things, I suppose:))
Jul 25 2014 21:38 GMT bandsix
And that's all they're good for now Hans!
Jul 26 2014 01:27 GMT larrybenedict
Too bad. They look expensive.
Jul 26 2014 01:54 GMT will
me an super glue do not mix.......so don't even ask me ifi can help you with these. with my luck some part of this wreck would probably end up glued right onto my nose or ear, barb.................-cause he's a dedicated follower of fashion.!!! hahaha........remember the kinks?? ..lol, wow, does this date me, barb?.......yuck...(( no doubt it does...i am getting cazy, sorry
Jul 26 2014 01:55 GMT will
that's crazy...
Jul 26 2014 05:54 GMT Annamaria
Great subject for a nice picture.... you better go shopping now, Barbara! ;-)
Jul 26 2014 06:34 GMT Jeanmac
You've made the image of your broken glasses look like a piece of artwork Barbara!!!!
Jul 26 2014 10:26 GMT skyball
Jul 26 2014 11:58 GMT gtc126
Well you were Finished using them, Were'nt you???????
Jul 26 2014 18:50 GMT bandsix
Well, at least they came in handy, even in this state.....I had a pair of reading glasses that needed a new screw and I hadn't been able to get one at the opticians......but there was one on here, so they were cannibalised.....so I suppose they paid for themselves in the end:))
Jul 26 2014 18:51 GMT bandsix
Yes, I remember the Kinks...and all the others of that era, too! I don't think even a ton of superglue would have solved this problem, will, but thanks anyway:))
Jul 26 2014 18:52 GMT bandsix
I do have a spare pair, Anna-Maria, fortunately...we have needed sunglasses just recently:)
Jul 26 2014 18:53 GMT bandsix
Thanks Jean.....
Jul 26 2014 18:53 GMT bandsix
Well, they were........now just rubbish!
Jul 26 2014 18:53 GMT bandsix
Only whilst I was looking in my bag, Glenn........!
Jul 26 2014 19:15 GMT Papagena
What a great idea taking a picture to keep a memory of it, Barbara !! But you did just forget to tag "bandsixshadowclub" !! ;+)))) lol
Jul 27 2014 01:12 GMT will
uh, just had a crilliant idea, barbara.....just tape them to your eyebrows next time you go out and about...i doubt if anyone will really even notice......there is a lot of transparency these days in society i find....people are all so aloof anyway....and so concerned with hemselves
Jul 27 2014 04:02 GMT junne PRO
made an eye catching picture
Jul 27 2014 09:04 GMT abojovna PRO
So sorry, but nice photo!
Jul 28 2014 10:59 GMT bandsix
Thanks for the reminder Ruth......I must be getting forgetful:))
Jul 28 2014 10:59 GMT bandsix
Now there's an idea, Will....and I am sure no-one would notice:)))
Jul 28 2014 11:00 GMT bandsix
That's all they're good for in the eye department now......:)
Jul 28 2014 11:00 GMT bandsix
Thanks Claudia!
Jul 28 2014 22:07 GMT will
yeh, people are so self absorbed these days they probably wouldn't.....well, they are missing out on someone great!.. And of course i mean you, Barbara )

and that's their loss...) eye brows or not!..)) i just heard that the latest fashion is to just shave them off!.............lol how silly people are huh
Jul 29 2014 20:34 GMT georgygirl2
will, i am the same with the glue! no more tho ,it now comes in a safe bottle with a screw lid and sidebits that you squeeze and hey presto it goes where you want it with precision! i used to get gloves on and throw the tube away after one use. hated the stuff. not any more!
Jul 29 2014 20:35 GMT georgygirl2
what can we do with you barbara?? lol
Jul 29 2014 21:50 GMT bandsix
Oh, that' s not a good look, will, shaved eyebrows, no no......you flatterer, you! Yes, people can be really silly...then they'll want them tattooing on again!
Jul 29 2014 21:51 GMT bandsix
Well, Ann, this new glue sounds worth a go.......I'll have to break something and see if it lives up to the hype!
Jul 30 2014 18:39 GMT georgygirl2
much less messy and less dangerous barbara
Jul 31 2014 19:11 GMT will
i'm just saying, my figers will end up glued togetherr, or worse, to my forehead.lol.....imagine that! a good tatoo?hahaha
Jul 31 2014 19:11 GMT will
fingers, that is!
Jul 31 2014 21:32 GMT bandsix
You could be in the permanent saluting position!