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Saw this young man painting en plein air yesterday in the sunshine.....and making a good job of it, too!
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 21 2012 12:57 GMT Bellavista
Nice shadow shot Barbara, we have had sunshine too yesterday, yes, wish have it today again!
Jun 21 2012 12:57 GMT bandsix
Thanks Bea....bad weather until at least Monday ... :((
Jun 21 2012 13:13 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Caught unawares nice one Barbara !!!
Jun 21 2012 13:39 GMT larrybenedict
His painting seems to have a "fish-eye" lens look, which I like. Did you pause for a while and watch him paint?
Did you go into 'Browns' for lunch? The word 'Brasserie' suggest a possibility of three things -- maybe a micro brewery or a French restaurant and/or, since this is probably in the UK, perhaps just a restaurant. Which was it Barbara? I really like the architecture of the building.
Jun 21 2012 14:20 GMT wijnie58
Interesting shot, Barbara...:-))
Jun 21 2012 15:37 GMT hallo
Good work, both of you...He doesn't even have time for a sip of coffee!!
Jun 21 2012 15:41 GMT bandsix
thanks Jim....!
Jun 21 2012 15:47 GMT bandsix
Yes, I liked it, too.....we watched him for a little while, and like painters tend to be when they start, he seemed oblivious to being watched.....we didn't go to Browns' for lunch, although they do 'brunch' and so on...we opted for a new Italian which was lovely!! Incidentally, Browns converted the Athenaeum, formerly one of Manchester's most famous pubs but originally Parrs Bank one of the city's former opulent banking halls. The building was designed by Charles Heathcote in 1902 , a superb example of Edwardian baroque with some increasingly fashionable art nouveau detailing, particularly in the wrought ironwork...according to our friend Google :))
Jun 21 2012 15:47 GMT bandsix
thanks Wijnie....:)
Jun 21 2012 15:48 GMT bandsix
Well spotted Samir....I, too, noticed he hadn't touched his coffee....must have been at a tricky bit :))
Jun 21 2012 16:10 GMT skyball
could be white spirit in the cup to clean his brush!!:-))......
Jun 21 2012 16:23 GMT Annamaria
Nice shot and entry for your club, Barbara!! It looks like you had great weather!!
Jun 21 2012 17:46 GMT martini957
Cool shot
Jun 21 2012 19:31 GMT elsje323
great shot
Jun 21 2012 20:50 GMT Papagena
Superb capture Barbara !! Who knows he will perhaps become a famous painter!!!
Jun 21 2012 21:33 GMT bandsix
It may well have been Geoff!
Jun 21 2012 21:33 GMT bandsix
Thanks Anna-Maria, it was a lovely day.....today is the longest day and it has been awful!
Jun 21 2012 21:34 GMT bandsix
Thanks Nancy.......
Jun 21 2012 21:34 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida.....
Jun 21 2012 21:34 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ruth...nice to have you back!!
Jun 22 2012 02:48 GMT potterjo
Looks so peaceful.
Jun 22 2012 15:26 GMT bandsix
Thanks Jo...it's a quiet corner...:))
Jun 22 2012 15:37 GMT hans55 PRO
great street scene !!
Jun 22 2012 15:38 GMT bandsix
Thank you Hans.....!
Jun 22 2012 21:32 GMT MargNZ
A beautiful setting to capture on canvas :)
Jun 23 2012 15:55 GMT bandsix
Thank you Margaret...he was doing a good job!