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Here is 'Jack go to bed at Noon'....well, I like him....(I'm the only one here that does!)
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 07 2011 15:46 GMT Annamaria
It looks a lot lot like a dandelion.... I like the name although I don't go to bed at noon....;-)
Aug 07 2011 15:48 GMT Donjames
I like it, something different.
Aug 07 2011 15:55 GMT FLUMP
I agree with Anna-maria!!!
Aug 07 2011 16:07 GMT T1MELESS PRO
We used to blow on them to tell the time.:-))
Aug 07 2011 16:35 GMT julie13
At last I know what they are called. I think they are beautiful, I found some in Windsor Great Park, and I have some photos in my gallery.
Aug 07 2011 16:42 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
I really like it too, Barbara - it's so soft and delicate!
Aug 07 2011 18:47 GMT bandsix
It is quite a bit bigger than a dandelion, Anna-Maria, and the flowers are (apparently) quite pretty...not that I saw them in reality...they'd already gone to bed :))
Aug 07 2011 18:48 GMT bandsix
Glad you like it Don....:)
Aug 07 2011 18:48 GMT bandsix
Aug 07 2011 18:48 GMT bandsix
Thanks for the comment Jim...they are quite different structurally from 'one o'clocks' though.....:)
Aug 07 2011 18:49 GMT bandsix
Glad to oblige Julie.....I hadn't even seen them before last week!!!
Aug 07 2011 18:49 GMT bandsix
Thank you Sylvia...:)
Aug 07 2011 21:13 GMT MargNZ
Love their name .... very nice capture Barbara :))
Aug 07 2011 21:47 GMT larrybenedict
"Jack Go To Bed At Noon!" I love that name. First time I've heard of it. Haven't heard of "One O'Clocks" either! The seed heads are beautiful , a little different in color than a Dandelion seed head. I've heard of Four O'Clocks...do you have those in England?
Aug 08 2011 04:41 GMT geobak
Gorgeous plant, beautifully captured.
Aug 08 2011 09:51 GMT Papagena
I can just agree with Anna-Maria too !!
Aug 08 2011 19:09 GMT saffi9
ive seen these there gigantic great name and find :)
Aug 08 2011 19:38 GMT bandsix
Thanks Margaret, it's better than the Latin name : tragopogon pratense,(translates from the Greek as : goat's beard) or meadow salsify...
Aug 08 2011 19:46 GMT bandsix
Thanks Larry, I like it too!! One o'clocks are probably the same as Four o'clocks, but of course there will be a time difference.....:))
No, not really!!....4 o'clocks are called Mirabilis Jalapa, which are rarely seen in the UK now, though they were popular in Victorian times..(according to Bob Flowerdew, the aptly named gardening guru). You're right, they are more of a creamy colour than dandelion seed heads, and the formation of the little 'parachutes' is different, too :)
Aug 08 2011 19:47 GMT bandsix
Thank you Geo...:))
Aug 08 2011 19:47 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ruth :)
Aug 08 2011 19:47 GMT bandsix
thanks Dave, they're great eh?
Aug 08 2011 20:20 GMT gafaway
they look perfect!
Aug 09 2011 05:43 GMT senna3
Wonderful flower image!
Aug 09 2011 10:04 GMT skyball
You was lucky to catch them before blowing away Barbara...lovely shot!!!!!....
Aug 09 2011 11:55 GMT bandsix
thank you gafaway!
Aug 09 2011 11:55 GMT bandsix
Peter, thank you :)
Aug 09 2011 11:56 GMT bandsix
I was very lucky Geoff...and lucky to be int that beautiful garden on such a lovely day!
Aug 09 2011 20:55 GMT superJoan
Yes barbara this is the plant I thought of, very wild around here....
Aug 10 2011 12:26 GMT bandsix
The gardener at Helmsley told me it is classed as a vegetable (its other name is Meadow Salsify) and the roots can be treated just like Parsnips apparently....anyone for roasted Jack go to bed at Noon with their Christmas Lunch? :))
Aug 10 2011 22:41 GMT martini957
Love this...wonderful
Aug 11 2011 07:51 GMT bandsix
Thanks Nancy!
Aug 11 2011 14:00 GMT Hanny50
Perfect macro!!!
Aug 11 2011 14:13 GMT bandsix
Thank you Hanny....:)