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I've been scanning some photos into Picasaweb, and this picture is of my parents in their back garden when Dad had been particularly industrious on the hanging basket front...!! It must be about eleven years ago, I think....
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 26 2011 20:05 GMT sini
So lovely!:)
Jan 26 2011 20:15 GMT LizSA
this is really so beautiful.... you can be proud of your industrious Dad's hanging baskets.. looks like a lovely spot to visit...!!
Jan 26 2011 20:20 GMT soldier
Lovely photo .... great composition my friend!
Jan 26 2011 20:23 GMT FLUMP
So pretty...
Jan 26 2011 20:25 GMT Annamaria
What a lovel and colourfull place, Barbara!!
Jan 26 2011 20:58 GMT bandsix
thank you sini....
Jan 26 2011 21:00 GMT bandsix
Liz, thank you, I was very proud of both my parents...they took this place on when it was a wreck and made it a lovely home between them...they are both much missed......
Jan 26 2011 21:00 GMT bandsix
thank you soldier :)
Jan 26 2011 21:00 GMT bandsix
thanks Helen...
Jan 26 2011 21:01 GMT bandsix
thank you Annamaria...the new people are moving in to this house this week, so I hope they will be good at gardening also!
Jan 26 2011 21:02 GMT Annamaria
You can give them this picture to show them how lovely it used to be...;-))
Jan 26 2011 21:50 GMT bennystr
So Nice!
Jan 26 2011 21:54 GMT bandsix
I' ve reeds getoond hen dit beeld Annamaria….Ik ken hen, als vrouw van het paar en ik werkte vele jaren samen, zodat weten zij wat zij moeten streven naar….lol!

with thanks to babelfish....hope it's OK!!
Jan 26 2011 21:54 GMT bandsix
thank you Benny :))
Jan 26 2011 22:22 GMT gafaway
wow... a delightful garden... and all that sunshine : )
Jan 27 2011 05:32 GMT Annamaria
Its quite good, Barbara!! ;-))
Jan 27 2011 11:55 GMT bandsix
thank you gafaway for commenting....
Jan 27 2011 11:58 GMT bandsix
thanks Annamaria, but it didn't take any effort on my part...my Dutch is limited to Dank u well..and tot ziens....all the Dutch people I have met have spoken English so well that it makes me feel ashamed that I am so limited in what I can say in Dutch!
Jan 27 2011 13:14 GMT senna3
What a wealth of flowers, a delightful garden!
Jan 27 2011 15:10 GMT Annamaria
Don't worry... we get english lessons from an early age.... and English is an important language on the World.... and Dutch is so limited....

I live near the German border and a lot of Germans are visiting our city... they all assume that we speak German and always speak German to us...;-))
Jan 27 2011 15:27 GMT bandsix
Thank you Peter for your kind comment ...
Jan 27 2011 16:18 GMT martini957
WOW...so beautiful!!!!
Jan 27 2011 18:03 GMT abojovna PRO
Such beautiful memory photo of parents among the flowers !
Jan 27 2011 19:14 GMT bandsix
thank you for the lovely comment :)
Jan 27 2011 19:15 GMT bandsix
Thanks Claudia, amongst the flowers and plants was where they liked to be!
Jan 27 2011 19:22 GMT Pea2007
Jan 27 2011 20:21 GMT bandsix
thanks Peter... :)
Jan 29 2011 07:18 GMT lunacrout
A wonderful photo & memory Barbara, it also reminds me of my dad!

I have a photo of him somewhere in front of a pub where he used to make and tend all the hanging baskets - he was very proud to win a prize from Alan Titchmarsh for his efforts!
Jan 29 2011 10:22 GMT bandsix
What a wonderful memory for you Barbara.....aren't we lucky to have had parents who instilled such pride in us?