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I said I thought the driver was probably a sheik, but my no-nonsense other half said he probably owned a garage....not half as romantic! (especially as this was in Lakeland's kitchen shop car park.....:))
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 04 2011 08:21 GMT hallo
I thought for a while it was mine ;-))))
Oct 04 2011 09:14 GMT MargNZ
Who ever owns it has to have money .... great car Barbara :)
Oct 04 2011 11:23 GMT skyball
It has to be a sheik with that reg; number plate:-)).....
Oct 04 2011 12:54 GMT bandsix
Is that so, hallo? Are you one of the Lotus brigade then?
Oct 04 2011 12:54 GMT bandsix
I did actually see him, Margaret....he didn't look as though he had two halfpennies to rub together, as they say!!
Oct 04 2011 12:55 GMT bandsix
If I hadn't seen him, I could have kept the illusion going, Geoff, but I saw him and a sheik he definitely wasn't!
Oct 04 2011 13:53 GMT Annamaria
I thought it would be Bond.... James Bond! ;-))
Oct 04 2011 13:54 GMT wijnie58
I am agree with Annamaria. Wow what a car.!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 04 2011 14:17 GMT hallo
Mine is a VW Golf bandsix more than happy to drive :)
Oct 04 2011 15:41 GMT saffi9
we will never know
Oct 04 2011 17:33 GMT bandsix
Nope...he was nothing like!!
Oct 04 2011 17:33 GMT bandsix
It was a nice car, but I couldn't have got into it even if he had wanted to whisk me away...and he didn't!
Oct 04 2011 17:34 GMT bandsix
VW Golf...a very good car I understand....and more sociable than this one...can only hold two people!
Oct 04 2011 17:35 GMT bandsix
Ah...but we do...or do we??
Oct 04 2011 18:14 GMT hans55 PRO
would be nice to ride in it for a day or two !! :-)
Oct 04 2011 21:15 GMT bandsix
Still only gets you from A to B ...:))
Oct 04 2011 21:34 GMT superJoan
Barbara you never know who you are next to......the scruffiest looking people are often rolling in money..they do say..where there is muck there is money...we drive a light bulb....Mazda....
Oct 06 2011 22:03 GMT Bellavista
ooops I left my garage door open!
Oct 07 2011 08:49 GMT bandsix
Ah, now we know who owns it!
Oct 10 2011 00:39 GMT beady
Nice car
Oct 10 2011 08:08 GMT bandsix
Alright if you can get low enough to get in and out....but yes, a nice car!! Thanks....
Oct 15 2011 12:24 GMT RTW
A great car, once a British icon, now made in Malaysia.
Nice find.
p.s. and sold all over the world
Oct 16 2011 12:30 GMT bandsix
Thank you RTW for the comment...