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Bandsix memorytuesday


That''s me on the back of my uncle's motorbike, more years ago than I care to remember! My brother is next to the front...and the other two are my cousins who moved to California shortly after this was taken:))
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 17 2014 12:47 GMT skyball
A wonderful memory Barbara!!..great!!!!!!........
Jun 17 2014 13:57 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff......I don't look like a biker, do I?
Jun 17 2014 14:11 GMT GeoffReeves
Superb memory !!
Jun 17 2014 14:13 GMT Lalbabu
Really a memorable shot !!!!!
Jun 17 2014 14:20 GMT hans55 PRO
a great memory picture !!
Jun 17 2014 14:40 GMT Snap
Lovely photo
Jun 17 2014 14:42 GMT martini957
Precious memory....a sweet uncle to let you kids pose on his bike : ))
Jun 17 2014 15:39 GMT saffi9
love it
Jun 17 2014 15:46 GMT Jeanmac
Great memory Barbara. You obviously thought it was fun as you are giggling!
Jun 17 2014 17:01 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff.....:)
Jun 17 2014 17:02 GMT bandsix
Thanks Lalbabu......
Jun 17 2014 17:02 GMT bandsix
Yes, thank you Hans:)
Jun 17 2014 17:02 GMT bandsix
Thank you Snap:)
Jun 17 2014 17:03 GMT bandsix
Thanks Nancy...I think he was probably mobbed by us kids (there were another 4 cousins waiting to take their turn!)
Jun 17 2014 17:03 GMT bandsix
Thanks Dave:)
Jun 17 2014 17:04 GMT bandsix
Probably a nervous hissy fit, more like!
Jun 17 2014 17:52 GMT georgygirl2
eeekk! health and safety haha lovely photo of you all, especially you giggling!
Jun 17 2014 18:36 GMT gtc126
Wonderful Memory!!!!!!! Thanks Bandsix for posting. I just hope the others will follow soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 17 2014 19:15 GMT bandsix
I don't think health and safety had been invented then! My grandad made my brother and me a trapeze in their back bedroom, and we used to swing for hours....towards a window that backed on to a paved yard.......my granny used to go mad, but we loved it! Knew there had to be a reason for the way we turned out........
Jun 17 2014 19:15 GMT bandsix
And my brother used to wear a nazi helmet with a spike on, that my grandad had brought back from the war!
Jun 17 2014 19:16 GMT bandsix
You're welcome, Glenn...let's hope it catches on......this site has been dwindling in numbers of posts for months now:(((
Jun 17 2014 19:26 GMT Papagena
What a marvellous memory !! Haha, you were a rather lovely mischievous young girl Barbara!! ;+))

Btw. As we said once, it isn't the age which is important!! It's how we are feeling in our heart and mind, Barbara !! ;o))
Jun 17 2014 21:29 GMT bandsix
That' s so true, Ruth.....I find it hard to believe how old I am now.....I certainly don't feel the age that I am.....:))
Jun 18 2014 14:37 GMT linnywv PRO
What a wonderful memory caught for all time!
Jun 18 2014 18:37 GMT georgygirl2
i can just picture you now...!
Jun 18 2014 18:57 GMT bandsix
Thanks Linda......
Jun 18 2014 18:58 GMT bandsix
In me vest and knicks......:))))
Jun 19 2014 04:55 GMT Annamaria
Great entry, Barbara and sweet memories to you!! -)
Jun 20 2014 18:39 GMT hallo
I like your shoes Barbara, you seem very fond of this model :)
Jun 20 2014 19:33 GMT bandsix
Thank you Anna-Maria...I would now be on the front, not at the back...I don't like to be a passenger!
Jun 20 2014 19:33 GMT bandsix
Thank you Samir!:))
Jun 20 2014 19:35 GMT superJoan
Happy days
Jun 20 2014 19:35 GMT bandsix