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what to do on a snowy Saturday afternoon...between Fotothinging... You can all see what an absolute tip I have to work in....can't imagine who lets it get this bad....:)))
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 04 2012 15:46 GMT sini
Seems full but organized!:)
Feb 04 2012 15:47 GMT hallo
Wow...you are professional Barbara :)
Feb 04 2012 16:43 GMT hanek
Which of the young girls is capable of controlling this machine ???? I'm afraid that none of them can ....
Feb 04 2012 17:12 GMT skyball
Reminds me of my daughters room:-))...she makes re,enactment hats and costumes mainly tudor period...interesting shot Barbara!!!!!!....
Feb 04 2012 17:23 GMT bandsix
Definitely full....but not very organised really, sini :))
Feb 04 2012 17:23 GMT bandsix
Professional mess maker Samir!! It's something at which I excel :))
Feb 04 2012 17:24 GMT bandsix
I think I contro it hanek.....but sometimes I wonder...!
Feb 04 2012 17:25 GMT bandsix
that sounds fascinating Geoff...I really would be unable to do anything like that..if it entails measuring accurately, then it's a no-no for me!!
Feb 04 2012 18:23 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
An interesting picture, Barbara, and it looks pretty tidy to me!
Feb 04 2012 18:27 GMT Pea2007
These things DO happen.
Feb 04 2012 18:31 GMT bandsix
There are parts of the room that are far, far worse Sylvia....!
Feb 04 2012 18:31 GMT bandsix
Yes, but how? !!!
Feb 04 2012 19:15 GMT Zodyak
Sweet corner :)
Feb 04 2012 19:19 GMT abojovna PRO
A many interests you have, Barbara!
Feb 04 2012 21:50 GMT Annamaria
It looks all tidy to me, Barbara!! ;-))
Do you do quilt-work too?
Feb 04 2012 22:31 GMT bandsix
Thank you Zodyak .....
Feb 04 2012 22:33 GMT bandsix
I did have a mini tidy up the other day when I couldn't see the table top for clutter....! I don't do quilt work as that involves accuracy and cutting straight skills....those I don't possess!! I wouldn't like to see what Gizmo's coat would have looked like if I had made it!
Feb 04 2012 22:53 GMT Bellavista
Make me smile, I have a machine as well, and always using it when I'm at home.
Great place to realize yourself!
Feb 04 2012 22:55 GMT bandsix
I like to have lots of things on the go Claudia...it stops me getting stuck in a rut!
Feb 04 2012 22:57 GMT bandsix
I like it up there Bea...the radio on, I can see the birds in the trees outside the window, and I can do just what I want!
Feb 05 2012 05:57 GMT MargNZ
Every home should have one ! I have the same sewing machine Barbara :))
Feb 05 2012 08:15 GMT bandsix
They don't make them like this anymore Margaret....mine was over forty years old when my dad bought it for me more than 5 years ago.....great machines, aren' t they? :))
Feb 05 2012 08:29 GMT Bellavista
I know very well that magnificent feeling, to do what I want! :-)
Feb 05 2012 09:19 GMT Annamaria
I am sure izmo will love it!!;-) As long as its thick and warm...;-)
Feb 05 2012 13:20 GMT wijnie58
Great hobby you have...:-))
Feb 05 2012 14:58 GMT bandsix
It's a great feeling Bea!!
Feb 05 2012 14:58 GMT bandsix
Feb 05 2012 14:59 GMT bandsix
sometimes I think I have too many Wijnie...I'm knitting a scarf with a fancy pattern at the moment...goodness knows why, I'm not good at fancy.....:))
Feb 05 2012 20:25 GMT MargNZ
Mine doesn't get a lot of use these days Barbara :(
Feb 06 2012 11:08 GMT bandsix
That's a shame Margaret...:)