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It doesn't actually say what to do with this...I think half a pint of best brandy drunk in one sitting would take your mind off any problems with the eyes:))
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 07 2012 15:53 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
LOL...Love it! Great find!
Dec 07 2012 16:24 GMT abojovna PRO
A good recipe!
A good recipe! Unfortunately in recent times in Czech Republic , scammers sells the "The Eye Water" as the best brandy, which contains methylalcohol and many people die.
Dec 07 2012 16:28 GMT Foggydew
Have a feeling that brandy might work :)
Dec 07 2012 16:55 GMT hallo
I don't think I'll survive half a pint of brandy good or bad :)
Dec 07 2012 16:57 GMT julie13
No recession back then :)
Dec 07 2012 16:58 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A fascinating find - the mind boggles! I'd be a bit concerned about the "sugar of lead"!
Dec 07 2012 17:46 GMT senna3
High quality Eyewater!
Dec 07 2012 18:38 GMT bandsix
Thank you Mary...this herbal makes very interesting reading:))
Dec 07 2012 18:39 GMT bandsix
Thank you Claudia....some people have no scruples or conscience at all...I don't know how they can do such things...
Dec 07 2012 18:39 GMT bandsix
Thought you might say that Foggy:))
Dec 07 2012 18:39 GMT bandsix
That makes two of us Samir!
Dec 07 2012 18:40 GMT bandsix
It probably cost about twopence halfpenny (if you know what that is...but you're probably too young!)
Dec 07 2012 18:41 GMT bandsix
Amazing the stuff they used in those days Sylvia....probably cure or die!
Dec 07 2012 18:41 GMT bandsix
Very! Thank you Peter...:)
Dec 07 2012 18:56 GMT hans55 PRO
interresting recipe ...great entry !!
Dec 07 2012 20:17 GMT RTW
They also go blind drinking that rubbish
Dec 07 2012 22:16 GMT martini957
Would make my eyes water for sure : ))
Dec 07 2012 22:38 GMT bandsix
Thanks Hans....
Dec 07 2012 22:39 GMT bandsix
I think you we're supposed to bathe your eyes with it, not drink it Reg.....:)
Dec 07 2012 22:39 GMT bandsix
Dec 08 2012 00:17 GMT larrybenedict
My first thought was similar to Sylvia's (the lead acetate), but women still put in on their lips when they choose red lipstick (caution to Sylvia). :-)) I won't be able to avoid reading the ingredient label on the next bottle of "eye drops" that I see on a shelf somewhere. I'm confident the label will not have brandy as an ingredient...the sugar of lead maybe, but I'm doubtful about that as well. How old is the book? Doesn't look very old (paper isn't yellow).
Dec 08 2012 02:30 GMT T1MELESS PRO
They missed the an ingriedent. Coke !!! nice find Barbara !!!
Dec 08 2012 12:00 GMT wijnie58
Lovely find Barbara...I agree with Jim with a nice coke...:-))
Dec 08 2012 15:30 GMT bandsix
Dec 08 2012 15:31 GMT bandsix
Thanks Larry...I'll be OK...red lipstick is not on my agenda:) The book is about 1863, and is well used...not in very good condition, but still very readable, and very funny!!
Dec 08 2012 15:32 GMT bandsix
Thanks Wijnie...so brandy and coke is your tipple then? :))
Dec 08 2012 20:59 GMT MargNZ
It sure would fix something Barbara !
Dec 09 2012 09:45 GMT bandsix
I think you're right Margaret:))
Dec 09 2012 10:40 GMT Annamaria
I would be asleep after half a pint of brandy..... ;-)
Dec 09 2012 13:21 GMT bandsix
I would be comatose......
Dec 09 2012 16:39 GMT Snappa
I dont think it would get as far as my eye...
Dec 09 2012 16:47 GMT bandsix
lol :))
Dec 11 2012 20:11 GMT mellie
I'd be out for the count for sure! :-))